Saturday, March 21, 2009

More than we wanted to know!

I am 20 weeks pregnant and went in for my ultrasound yesterday.
You may remember this post, in which I explained that we were not going to find out the sex of the baby.
Well, the baby definitely had different plans.

All was going well.
As the ultrasound proceeded, we saw that the baby had two legs, two feet, ten fingers and ten toes.

And then, the ultrasound technician switched to 3-D imaging, and we saw more than we bargained for.

As soon as the 3-D image came onto the big screen, we see the baby laying there with legs spread wide open, very blatantly revealing that...

we're having...

a BOY!

There was no mistaking it! The technician tried to quickly turn off the image, but it was too late. Jason and I looked at each other with shock, thinking, "Is that really what I think it was?"
And the technician said, laughing, "I hope you were wanting to know the sex, because I'm thinking that was pretty obvious!"

Yes, it was obvious indeed!

Needless to say, our little baby boy is not so shy. The technician said he'd been flashing her throughout the ultrasound and she'd tried to quickly skim over the images and relocate to something else. We hadn't noticed the flashes of truth until the 3-D image, because unless you know what you're looking for, it kind of all looks the same.

I guess we can predict that our new little Sanders boy will be an outgoing soul!

But seriously, this would only happen to us.
Even the ultrasound technician said that in her many years of doing ultrasounds, she has never had the sex of the baby be so blatant to everyone in the room!

Yes, only to us.

Here's the 3-D images. We don't actually have any images with the obvious anatomically correct features, but got some pretty cute poses. By the way, the 3-D images still amaze me!

Here's our little boxer. Can you see his little hands up protecting his face from the punches. Good job little guy!

This morning we told the kids and showed them the photos. I think Gabe's still in shock, because as I've mentioned before, he'd predicted a girl and he's never been wrong before.

Cooper was happy, but later told me that he does want Chloe to have a sister.
I told him, "that just isn't in God's plans for our family right now."
Coop's reply was, "But I want God to plan for us to have another girl!"
I thought I just had to worry about taming Jason's need for endless children, but I guess I have Cooper to worry about too!

Above all, we are so thankful to have another healthy baby blessing our family, and looking forward to finding out what his personality will be like and how he will add to our family.

As far as names go, we're completely stumped.
Had it been a girl, we had a few possibilities in mind. But boy names escape us.
Any suggestions?


Firefly Photo Jewelry said...

AWWW Congrats!!!! I was totally thinking girl. Maybe since that is all I've ever heard LOL.... I think Gabe had me convinced too..
I just told Kinz and she said OH MAN, I wanted a girl :)
We all know how cute of boys you guys make though ;) I know a TON of woman all due with boys and have a whole list of unique names. I'll send it to you when I get a sec..

juliemk said...

Woohoo! A little boy! That's awesome! I know some names that you shouldn't use... :-) I'll have to think of some cute boy names that go well with your other cute kiddos! :-) Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

The Sanders Family said... have to make sure and give me the names I should NOT use. Don't want you to have bad kindergarten memories from the name of our little guy!!! lol

MamaPajama said...

Congratulations! How exciting! I'm stumped on boy names, too. Our names were really the ONLY names we could agree on. :-) I don't know why, but boy names seem more difficult to me. Good luck!