Wednesday, May 20, 2009

29 Week Update

I had a doctors appointment last Friday during which I had to participate in the lovely glucose test. For those of you who aren't familiar with said test, you basically drink a flavored {yucky tasting} orange drink, wait an hour, then have blood drawn to check sugar levels.
At the same time, they also check your iron levels, which is always a dreaded test for me.
It's not like I'm waiting to hear if I'm iron deficient, but just how iron deficient I actually am.
I first learned of my tendency towards anemia in high school when the doctor was sure I had mono. It turned out to be severe anemia instead, and I've been taking iron pills on and off ever since.
Needless to say, I am severely anemic, and my iron supplements were upped, again.
I hate these iron supplements, because they make my already queasy stomach even queasier. Additionally, you are suppose to take them on an empty stomach so that the highest amount of iron can be absorbed by your body, which makes the nausea even worse for me.
Despite the anemia, everything else checked out great at the appointment.
Since the anemia is making my energy levels plummet, I'm now counting down the weeks til' this baby arrives and I may actually get some energy back. {Assuming the baby is a good sleeper like our others have been.}
And as the time of baby boy's arrival draws near, we are still left nameless.
Gabe's suggestion is Nolan. This is because his best bud's little baby brother is named Nolan. I told him we can't name our baby Nolan, because there's already that baby Nolan, but Gabe doesn't quite understand my reasoning.
Cooper's boy Sanders.
I was thinking of something a little less generic.
I have a few names in mind, but Jason is absolutely no help. I think the procrastinator in him likes to come of with names at the very last possible minute, like right before we leave the hospital to take the baby home.
Oh well, we still have time. And with the amount of rest I've been requiring, I have plenty of time to think about names before the big day!

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MamaPajama said...

Oh yeah, I remember all the poking and prodding of pregnancy. Glad I'm not doing that right now. Funny how you get used to it, but then you get used to not being jabbed with needles every other week again a mere months after the baby is born. I had to take the 3-hour glucose test both times. The stuff tastes so gross!