Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ear woes, weddings and fish hooks too

Hope you all had a lovely labor day weekend.

Unfortunately, ours was not so lovely.

How can it be when your little guy has two ear infections?

That's right, Gavin has now had three ear infections in his first six weeks of life. I'd say that's not a very good average!

I took Gavin to the doctor today because he had been running a fever overnight and sure enough, both of his ears were infected. We're hoping this is just a fluke, but it's not looking too good for the little brother of three older siblings who have all had tubes in their ears.

Can't say we're surprised.
But if you could pray for Gavin and his ears, that would be great!

Gavin wasn't the only one needing medical attention this labor day weekend. My dad participated in some holiday weekend fishing and while de-hooking a walleye that he caught, the fish jumped and he managed to hook himself with a rather large fish lure.

Instead of going to the emergency room on a Saturday night, my
fiscally conscious {or shall I say cheap} dad called up Jason and asked him if he might be wiling to perform 'surgery.'

Of course, Jason was game. It gave him a chance to finally use his head lamp in a medical procedure {remember this post.}

I didn't take many pictures because my dad was in so much pain. {I thought it was a bit cruel to be clicking away with the camera as he's moaning and groaning.} But I couldn't resist taking a few photos...

See the pained look on my dad's face...

And Jason's steady hand {and head lamp...}

I'm happy to report that Jason did get my dad off the hook {sorry, bad pun.} And the injured finger seems to be healing quite nicely.

On a happier note, we {Jason, Gavin and I} attended a wedding on Sunday night while the other kiddos stayed home with my mom.

And let me tell you, this was a dream location for a wedding!

Picture this: It's seven in the evening on a beautiful end-of-summer night. Through the trees is a clearing where 400 white chairs line the hillside. As the couple say their vows, the setting sun seen directly between them serves as a reminder of how beautiful it truly is when God brings two people together whose life goal is to serve Him, together.

Of course, this girl teared up just looking at this picture perfect setting.

But more important than the setting was knowing that this boy we met when Jason first became a youth pastor, the boy who once acted as a human vacuum cleaner by sucking lemonade out of our living room carpet with his mouth {long story,} has grown into a mature young man of God. And seeing that this young man has found a mature young woman of God to spend his life with is just a cherry on top. How awesome it is to see youth group members of the past all grown up and choosing to make their faith their own and live their lives for the Lord! That's the true reward of ministry.

Anyway, hope your Labor Day weekend was filled with excitement too, maybe with a bit less need for medical attention.


Tara Anderson said...

Talk about a busy weekend...I'm overwhelmed just reading about it! I can't imagine having all that "action" thrown at me at once! Glad you survived. :)

Tara Anderson said...

P.S. I'll be praying for Gavin...I forgot to mention that in my last comment. :) My Eli had ear infection after ear infection, so I know how hard THAT can be. Poor little guy.

Valerie and Jeff said...

I don't suppose your dad was fishing in your backyard? So, he drove with this fishing lure impaling his finger?! Oh my goodness. Jason looks confident with the headlight though ... totally unconcerned with the pained look on your dad's face. Good doctor!
I'll be praying for Gavin's ears too. He's too little to have to endure pain! :-(

Wonderful about the wedding though--very cool.

The Sanders Family said...

Valerie ~
Not only did my dad drive to our house with a fish lure in his hand, but he also drives a stick shift and had to shift with his injury. We got a kick out of that too! Oh, AND, he stopped home to clean the fish he caught BEFORE he came over to get the hook out. Lol. Crazy stuff :)

TanyaLea said...

Oh MY!...your dad drove himself over driving a stick...plus he decided to clean the fish FIRST?! Yep, that's a man with his priorities in line! ;o) Sounds like the ones in our family!!

I have already written down Gavin in my prayer journal and will continue lifting him up in prayer. We serve the God that healeth!! PTL! <><

We had a weekend with some of the same 'ingredients' as yours' did...only no fish hooks in fingers...just in the water catching our fish!! And we also had a family wedding on a gorgeous, perfect-weather weekend. A beautiful time!! Thankfully, no ear infections though. And we will be praying that Gavin will NOT need tubes in his ears.

Hope your week is looking up! God bless!! <>< ~Tanya

Anonymous said...

Omgosh your Dad is crazy! I got weak kneed just looking at the pictures. Although Jason's headlight did crack me up :)Sorry to hear about poor Gavin. Poor guy!