Friday, August 20, 2010


{Click on the collage to view it larger. Just do it!}

Chloe has such a fun spirit. And at the tender age of three, I've found her sense of humor has really started to develop. She's always looking to get a laugh out of someone.

Yesterday I was editing photos, trying to get caught up from being on vacation. She came over to me at the computer and asked, "Mom, where are we going today?"

This is a common question from Chloe, as she's always ready to tackle the day and go somewhere.

I answered, "Mommy has to edit photos today. Sorry, Chloe, but we are going nowhere."

First a frustrated look came across her little face. Then, as I waited for a meltdown from my little girl who did not like my answer, I instead saw a little smirk develop across her lips and a gleam in her eye.

She then replied, "No, Mom. Don't you remember? We're going 'yeah-where!"

Clever! Not 'no-where' but 'yeah-where!"

As I broke out in laughter, so did she. I can always count on Chloe for a break from my work, and a happy heart! Oh, how I love the age of three :)


Valerie and Jeff said...

That even made ME laugh!
I wonder how many times I've overlooked that wonderful young humor and missed out on a beautiful belly giggle because I was too focused on whatever I was doing. Three is a wonderful age ... although for our boys I think four was best-est :-)
Can you believe B is already home today not feeling well, Jeff has a killer sore throat and the school called about E being sad and teary. Oh boy ... oh boy ... oh boy! (and I still have one boy left to go. HA!)
OK, my 40-year old humor is nothing close to Chloe's 3-yr. old funnies.
Love the photo too!

Kim said...

Three is such a great age, it's always been my favorite amongst my kids.