Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Mommy & Barney

It is not unusual to witness Chloe and her friend Barney together around our house. Yes, that's right, I mean the Barney, the big purple dinosaur. We lucked out when Gabe and Cooper never really liked to watch Barney much, but Chloe just loves him! And yes, she loves the theme song, singing it over and over...'I wove you, You wove you.' {She needs to work on the lyrics a little bit!}

Chloe got this stuffed Barney from some relatives {Les & Terri} and if I'm not mistaken, I think it was actually a toy for their dog. I know, I know, kind of gross to let my daughter play with a dog's old chew toy. Don't judge me people! I did wash Barney before letting Chloe have it :)
Anyway, the past week or so, Chloe has started to take very close interest in Barney's personal hygiene. She gets out the wet wipes and washes Barney's body while saying things like, "Whoo! Barney stinks!"
And, she attempts to diaper Barney.

{*Please excuse the quality of the photos. As with every time I seem to need a camera in a moments notice, the battery was low and the flash wasn't cooperating.}

Jason was watching her, thinking maybe this could come in handy once Chloe's little brother arrives. You know, it's always nice to have an extra set of helping hands around the house with a newborn. But that idea was quickly squelched when a song came on the radio that was to Chloe's liking. She proceeded to drop Barney onto the tile floor and commence a fierce dance routine, while saying, "Oooh, let's dance. Come on! Dance, dance!"

Maybe a longer attention span and a few babysitting lessons are in order before we let her get too hands-on with her little brother.

Another disturbing discovery occurred when we were watching Chloe clean Barney's apparently dirty bottom {this was a time when she was commenting on Barney stench} and then proceeded to use the same wet wipe to wipe her own runny nose...

Definitely not good hygiene, and NO, she didn't learn that trick from mom!
So, although Chloe is showing interest in helping with Mommy's chores, I'd say she's not quite ready to make a go of it on her own.


MamaPajama said...

I think Chloe's close enough. Looks like you and Jason can go on vacation for a while or at least out to dinner. :-) The baby will have diapers, a dance party, what else is there?

ValerieA said...

Wow, you're on easy-street this time around with this little helper around! :-)
--Hey, we have some Barney videos (VHS) that you can have if you want!--we've skirted close a few times to Barney ... but luckily the boys were satisfied with just the books and only a few episodes ... not a daily dose of Barney. I'm sure he'd grow on me ... but I'm glad I haven't had to find out!

The Sanders Family said...

Valerie ~ I'm sure Chloe would appreciate the Barney videos. {Not so sure about mom} :) J/K.
We definitely lucked out with the boys lack of interest in Barney too. Maybe it's a girl thing?

juliemk said...

Ohhh Barney. She is pretty cute holding that Barney and taking care of him. Just even thinking of 'that' song makes me fear I'll have it stuck in my head for the rest of the day. :-)