Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

There is absolutely no doubt what Chloe's favorite food is.

Yes, that's's Pizza!
I do believe that if given a choice, Chloe would choose to eat pizza for every meal, every day.
She loves pizza.
She has no favorite kind. She eats it all.
And, she's also been known to eat the toppings that her brothers tend to pick off their pizza.
Chloe is just a pizza eating machine.
The other day, we got a pizza and as soon as she saw the pizza box, she started yelling, "Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!"
I tried to explain to her that we would eat the pizza as soon as we got home, but that didn't quiet down Chloe's cries for pizza one bit.
From the moment she sees the pizza box, she has a one-track mind..."I need to eat that pizza now!"

So while she was eating her pizza, I took a few photos...

After being given a slice of pizza,
Chloe takes bite...

after bite...

after bite...

after bite...

Until it's all gone, and we inevitably
hear her request for, "More Pizza!"

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