Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chloe's conversations

Chloe is such a funny and entertaining two-year-old little girl. Sometimes I think she lives in her own little world. Granted, it's a LOUD world, where her volume is always turned up to the maximum level, contrary to the image one might conjure up of a little girl playing quietly by herself.

But, it's
her own world regardless.

Lately she's been having these conversations. They're like phone conversations, only there is no phone, not even a pretend phone held up to her ear. She'll just break out into a conversation similar to this... {remember while reading the below conversation, imagine the most animated, high pitched and loud little voice you can, and that's our Chloe.}

Oh hi! How are you?
I Chloe, what your name?
Awww. *giggle giggle* Thanks!
Ok, bye. See ya later!

I'm not sure who she thinks she's talking to, but she does have quite the little conversations with whoever it is.

Yesterday, I caught her having one of these impromptu, one-sided conversations with her baby brother. Gavin was sitting in his bouncy seat and Chloe sat herself down right next to him. That conversation went a little something like this...

Hi baby Gavin!
My name Chloe.
You're my 'broder' {brother in Chloe language}
Awwww. Thanks, luv you too!

Then Chloe turned to me and said excitedly, 'baby Gavin likes Chloe!'

Well of course he does. How could you not like this face...


Tara Anderson said...

I just wanted to drop by and get to know you a little better! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog...people seem to relate really well once I start to reveal how completely incompetent I am! LOL! You have a beautiful family, and it is a pleasure to "meet" you!


Valerie and Jeff said...

Chloe is a doll. Isn't it funny how little people mimic us big people in their own way! It's so cute that she is conversing with her little brother and that he has such a great opinion of her too (haha!) That's so sweet! Even if she interpreted that herself.

I can't believe this rain! I almost got the boat out today just to make it to Preschool. We actually had a crawdad IN OUR DRIVEWAY! Crazy Rain.