Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Break Bliss

It truly is heartwarming to see all four of my kiddos playing the same activity (Batman)...working together (nicely)...and having fun. Pure bliss.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Polar Express party...and a streaker

I am a terrible blogger this year. As I look through the archives and see every month in the single digits for number of posts published, I am ashamed. I really need to start doing a better job of documenting our lives. The kids are only little once, and with four little ones, you know I don't lack blogging material. 

Take this morning for example. Chloe has a Polar Express party at preschool, so she got to wear her pajamas. I was taking her photo before school...

...when Gavin got a bit upset hearing the talk of this 'pajama party,' as Chloe called it. Gavin started yelling, "Party! Yeah, party!" and began to take of his clothes. I asked him nicely to leave his clothes on, but he was insistent on changing into pajamas just like big sis. I thought, why not! So I followed him downstairs so that we could get his pajamas and this is what I see as he walks towards his room...

Oh, the excitement and laughter is never ending with these four kids. I am so blessed to be called their mama.