Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Bird

Beware: If taking photos of the Ostrich {a.k.a. Big Bird} at
Sanders Pumpkin Farm, watch out for his desire to bite your camera. It happened to me, it can happen to you!
{Here's Big Bird when he first noticed me.}

{I was thinking, "Awe Cute, he's smiling for the camera!"
Yeah right. He was scoping out his next meal!}

{Starting to close in...}

{Big Bird taking a bite. Yup, that's his throat!
It scared me half to death!}

No damage was done, but I will exercise caution the next time I'm taking photos of that bird!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Movie Matches

A while ago on this blog, I invited people to post questions they wanted answered about myself or my family. One of those questions was "Who would play you in the movie version of your life? Who would play Jason?"

Since I just wrote a post earlier today about Fireproof, I'd choose the girl in that movie that apparently is my look-a-like. It'd be great to be portrayed by a person who is a Christian.

As for Jason, I need to provide a little background before I reveal his movie actor. A friend of mine told me about a website: MyHeritage.com. It's a site where you can upload photos of yourself and they'll tell you which celebrities most look like you.
Jason's results were too funny. The first person it pulled up was Sean Astin. Many of you may not know, but I have actually been in a movie with him before. I was the blur in this one scene of 'The Final Season' that walked behind him! Exciting, I know. I never really thought of him as looking like Jason, maybe since he's only 5 ft 7 inches tall. But when that site pulled up the photo, I could see the resemblance in their faces.

The other look-a-like is a little more strange.
Christy Brinkley. Yes, Christy Brinkley, the 80's supermodel.
Feel free to laugh, I know we did!

{Both in the pool...can you tell which is which?}
This website doesn't just pull up gender specific celebrities who match your face, it pulls up anyone. The only thing I could figure they based this match on was the shape of their faces {round} and their nose structure? I don't know, it's a stretch for sure, but it was too funny!

But since having Christie Brinkley portray Jason in a movie would be wrong in so many ways, I'd have to choose Sean Astin.

There, question answered.


I have heard about a must see movie.
Fireproof is the third production of Sherwood Pictures and brothers Stephen and Alex Kendrick, creators of “Facing the Giants.” The movie productions are part of the ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, New York, where church members have roles both in front of and behind the camera.
It stars Kirk Cameron as a firefighter, and Erin Bethea as his wife.
Speaking of the wife, I was told by at least 6 different people at church this morning who have already seen the movie that she's another of my look-a-likes, a subject I've already blogged about before. Jason and I are going to go see the movie tonight, so I guess I'll get to judge for myself.
Anyway, we've heard nothing but rave reviews and it's only in theaters locally through Tuesday, so go check it out if you can!
It's not very often when you can go see a movie in the theaters that talks so openly about God and the need we have for Him in our lives. Don't miss the opportunity to support this film!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This is HomecominG Weekend for our school, and with Homecoming always comes a parade.
Cooper, Chloe, Grandma and I watched the parade together, as did Gabe with his kindergarten class.
Last night's football game against the Knights was another loss for the Vikings...I think we're just cursed in football.
And no offense, but the parade wasn't much to take photos of.
So, here's some photos of the kids at the parade ")
{Chloe looking for the source of all the sirens.}

{Chloe says 'Cheese'}

{I had to wake Cooper from his nap to get to the parade on time. He was so tired, and didn't feel like having his picture taken.}

{Cooper waiting for the firetrucks to come...his 'best part.'}

{Gabe after the parade.}

{All the kindergarten students made
signs to support the team. Go Vikes!}

Friday, September 26, 2008

Summer Dress

It's September 26, yet it's 82 degrees outside right now.
Although it's officially Fall, it sure feels a lot like summer.
I took advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures today to have Chloe wear a summer dress.
This isn't just any summer dress, it's my absolute favorite of the many summer dresses she has. I got it from Gymboree and I just love the dress, matching hat, matching shoes, matching hair bows {I'm very dangerous in Gymboree because they sell so many adorable accessories that match every outfit. But don't worry, I only buy them on sale at that store.}
While I had Chloe in this dress, possibly for the very last time before it turns cold and the dress doesn't fit her anymore, I thought I'd better get some photos.
It turned into a full-blown photo shoot, as it often does when I have a camera.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


We have a spot at the bottom of our stairs where we had wanted to put a bench that would provide storage and a place to put on and take off shoes.
And after months of looking, we ordered a bench from Target online.
It's the perfect color to match our wet bar cabinets adjacent to the bench, and it was a great price...you just can't beat attractive and affordable!
Now the kids love to sit, and to play, on this bench.
{They stretch out and relax ON it}

{And hideout IN it}

{They discover new body parts on the bench...
where's your belly?}

{They blow kisses on the bench}

{And kiss each other on the bench}

{They daydream on the bench}

{And pose for cute photos on the bench}

Who knew a bench could be such a good time?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Television Lineup

We really don't watch that much television at our house. Between working, the kids and life in general , we don't have many hours in the week to sit down and tune into the tube. So, we have to be picky and choosy with what we watch. Which is probably good, because with all the bad stuff out there,
there's not much we would want to watch anyway!
With that in mind, we do have a few shows we try not to miss.

The season premiere of Heroes was last night.
So glad it's back...I love this show!
The coming scenes they showed kept me in suspense...
do the good heroes actually go bad?
It's keeping me guessing, which I guess is why
they call it a cliffhanger.
I'm also looking forward to the season premiere of
The Office this Thursday!

Jason and I watch this show together,
and it doesn't matter if it's new or reruns,
it's always funny.
Here's a formula for ya: The Office = Funny!
And just because my hubby's twin is in it,
I'm definitely going to be catching this new show:

Starring Christian Slater, 'My Own Worst Enemy'
isn't set to debut until Oct. 13,
but I'll be ready to tune in when it does.
One I definitely won't be tuning in to is Knight Rider. We watched the little mini-series teaser that aired last spring and it was sooooo cheesy. Talk about bad acting!
That's one show they should have left in the past!
So how about you?
What shows are ones you just can't miss?

Pumpkin Picking 2008 Part 2

Since last fall Chloe was only 4 months old, she really wasn't too interested in the pumpkins.
This year is a whole different story. At 16 months old, she wants to explore and check out these giant round balls a little more closely. Chloe continues to have an obsession with balls and I really do think that's what she thinks these pumpkins are. On Sunday, she was walking around the yard full of pumpkins squealing with excitement! She immediately started trying to pick them up and was getting rather frustrated that she couldn't lift them. Of course, I took photos of her attempts.

Most of the pumpkins weigh more than her, but it didn't stop her from trying to manhandle those giant round balls.
Chloe was also quite interested in the gourds and spent much time taking the gourds out of their box and then putting them back into the box. Hours could have passed and she would have been well entertained with this activity.

And besides the fall produce, Grandma & Grandpa also have plenty of animals to keep kids entertained. Chloe was particularly fascinated with the turkeys. She seemed to be drawn to the noise and stood at the fence watching those turkeys, trying to imitate their "gobble, gobble" sounds. At times the turkeys would get really close to Chloe on the other side of the fence and they'd seem to be carrying on a conversation of sorts. Maybe Chloe speaks turkey?

It's always fun to see a child making discoveries for the first time. Things that we take for granted, like pumpkins, gourds and turkeys, are new and exciting to a toddler.
I have to say I've never seen Chloe this dirty. All those discoveries make for one messy girl, and if the rule is 'the messier the baby, the more fun they had,' I'd say Chloe had a blast!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pumpkin Picking 2008

Every year the pumpkin season is kicked off with a bunch of volunteers heading out to the farm for a day of picking pumpkins. Loads and loads of pumpkins are hauled in from the field and in one day the yard is transformed from green grass to a sea of orange. It's really quite amazing how much work can be accomplished when people unite.
I have too many photos to fit into one post, so stay tuned for pumpkin picking part 2!
{Pick-up full of pumpkins}

{When Jason's in the truck, you have to watch out for flying pumpkins.}

{Pumpkins piled high}

{A yard full of orange}

{Brothers...aren't they sweet}

{Cooper...no nap, but still happy. He LOVED going to the field in the pickup}

{Gabe with a dirty face only a grandma could love}

{Chloe napped inside Grandma's house for most of the day. When she woke up, she seemed amazed by the pumpkins filling the yard and just watched everything for awhile.}

{There's a big smile}

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We went to an auction today, where Jason 'shopped' for some tools. That's really the only kind of shopping Jason enjoys. If I didn't shop for his clothes, he'd be naked. And let's face it, that'd just be a little awkward for everyone.
Jason was successful, scoring quite a few deals at the auction, like two four-foot step ladders, an eight-foot step ladder, a drill with accessories, log chains, a stir crazy popcorn popper, etc.
{Tools really don't interest me that much, so details about his purchases escape me. All I can say is, he was pretty excited.}
So tonight, after we got home and tucked the kids into bed, I did a little shopping of my own. And I have to report, J Crew, one of my faves, is having a great sale. I ordered this dress tonight, something I admired a few months or so back but couldn't bring myself to pay the retail price of $88.00.

I paid the sale price of $29.99, plus had a discount code for an extra 25 percent off. SCORE!
I enjoy shopping for deals via the internet. The only downfall is, you can't try it on until after you've purchased it. Hopefully it's as cute as it looks! I love the boatneck and 3/4 sleeve fit. Love the color.
I love shopping. Oh how I love shopping.