Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cooper is 7!

Seven years ago today, Jason and I were celebrating five years of marriage by welcoming our second son, Cooper, into the world. (Did you get all that?!?) Yes, Cooper was born on our fifth wedding anniversary. He arrived five days early and was the only one of our children who willingly came into this world and the easiest labor too (bonus points for Cooper!) 

At seven, Cooper still loves Batman. He is a thinker and has a huge imagination that will captivate him in play for hours. Cooper is our quiet(er) child, but is such a goofball at heart. He is also an animal lover. We recently had an outdoor cat adopt us and have five kittens in our building. Cooper can spend hours outside taking care of them and it is so sweet to sneak up on him and overhear his conversation with the kitties. Cooper is kind, a good friend, and a joy to be around. 

Cooper's favorites at 7...

Food: Steak
Drink: Juice
Movie: Batman
Tv Show: Power Rangers
Animal: Tiger
Best Friend: Easton, 'and my brother Gabe' (awe!)
Sport: Football, Wrestling
Game: Wii Survival
Song: Eye of the Tiger

Happy birthday sweet boy! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you as you grow in Him. We love you!