Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coop in a Backpack

Cooper is a little guy.
He is three and a half and weighs just over 30 pounds.
He still wears some 2T clothes and he'll be four in June.
His legs are long enough that he has to wear 3T size pants, but the adjustable waist is always cinched to the tightest position.
He's just a little guy.
So when Cooper saw Jason's Swiss Army camping backpack laying on the floor, he decided he'd get in it.
Now I'm not talking about a hiking backpack that kids are suppose to ride in...we have one of those too. I'm talking about a backpack an adult wears and puts a change of clothes and some other miscellaneous supplies in.
We laughed at first, thinking there's no way he'd fit in there.
But sure enough, Coop got in, Jason zipped him up and only his little head was sticking out.
Here's the evidence...

Zipped in a backpack and as happy as can be.
As far as his size, I'm sure Cooper will have a growth spurt one of these days.
If not, fitting into a backpack could come in handy, right?!?


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That is sooooo funny! I can't stop laughing at him to proud. And that Jason is "wearing" him is the best part.
It's true, you never know when it would be handy :)

juliemk said...

I LOVE IT!!! What an awesome picture! Cooper's face is just perfect! He looks soooooo tiny in there!

Suz said...

haha!:) So cute!!!

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