Thursday, January 8, 2009

My eyes are up here

If you've been pregnant, then maybe you'll understand what I'm about to explain.
Or, maybe this just happens to me.
Could be, strange things seem to just happen to me sometimes.
Anyway, for some reason, as soon as people find out I'm pregnant, they start having a hard time maintaining eye contact. Instead, their eyes are constantly wandering down to my stomach.
For example, at church last night, this just kept happening...
'I heard congratulations is in order!' said while staring at my stomach.
'How have you been feeling?' said while staring at my stomach.
'How far along are you?' again, said while staring at my stomach.
Maybe I do it too, stare at a pregnant woman's stomach while talking to her.
But I really don't think so.
After Jason got home last night, I shared this oddity with him.
His theory is that they're looking to see if I'm showing yet, and wondering why I'm not.
Acceptable theory, except that it accounts for a glance, not a stare.
The staring honestly does not annoy me, it just intrigues me.
So, does this just happen to me, or did it happen to you too?


juliemk said...

Yes, people stare at my belly all the time... Oh wait I've never been expecting... Hmmmm.... That's really odd! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL at Juliemk!!!!

Now you have me all freaked out that I look at your stomach.. I know when you dropped Destiny off I looked at you. If you want the truth though, I was checking out your cute outfit not your tummy ;)

The Sanders Family said...

Shawna...i wasn't thinking of you at all when I wrote this. If you have been staring at my stomach, I have noticed, lol.'re a dork! lol.

hsmtammi said...

Okay, ya caught me. I was checking out your belly too on Christmas eve. But I was checking out your cute out fit and how nice you looked in it. I had no idea about your news until later when Bev told us. I couldn't believe it cause I was just thinkin' about how flat your belly looked!
Later your bb (big brother) said he had already figured it out cause he thought he noticed "a pouch". haha Bad Brother! Well congrats and you know, I have to vote for a girl again.

The Sanders Family said...

Thanks for the complements Tammi! As for your husband, he's never been the nice brother who gives his sister complements. He's always made fun of his poor little sis, lol. So, I'm not surprised by his comment. I guess I can forgive you Keith :)

MamaPajama said...

I would bet folks want to see if you're showing. I don't think I've seen you pregnant, but I've heard you've very compact. Especially for your fourth, I'm sure people expect to see some sort of belly. But what do I know?!

It's the random belly-touchers in stores that are a little odd. And the occasional grandma, who you've never ever met, at the store who chats your ear off about her own grandkids. I'm all for friendly chat, but I've been stuck in those situations that go on and on, and there's no way to politely move on.

But it's nice that people seem to like the pregnant ladies. It's something most women can relate to and probably brings up happy thoughts.