Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Snow is Back!

Of course, i've mentioned before how much I love snow. So, needless to say, I was thrilled that we got a new snow covering over the past 24 hours that left us with at least 5 inches of snow.
The boys were thrilled too, as this new snow is oh so fun to play in!
Gabe had a blast.
Cooper still has a tendency to get really cold, so we have to bundle him up so much that he can't move, see, etc. But he still had a good time.
Here' s some snow photos I captured this morning...
First there's Coop, and as I was saying, he is overly bundled up, causing him to have to tilt his head up to see me. Still he's sporting a grin.

I took several of Gabe, because he lasted outside longer than Coop. Coop thought the fire inside was more appealing, and I can't say I blamed it. Baby, it's cold outside...

Thanks to our unfinished landscaping, we have 'mountains' of dirt from where our basement was dug. Gabe is able to snowboard, sled, and even jump of these mountains...

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