Monday, February 2, 2009

Predicting a Boy or Girl.

Happy Groundhog Day!
What's Groundhog Day all about?
Making predictions of course.
So what better than to blog about predictions?!?

By the way, sorry for the blogging absence.
It's really not like me to average only two posts per week, but I'm blaming it on this crazy pregnancy.
I am now 15 weeks pregnant. The morning sickness is still hanging on in the form of random nausea. I don't know how I'm going to feel from day to day, but I'm dealing with it.

At 20 weeks, I will have an ultrasound in which we could find out the sex of the baby.

Will we find out?
The answer is no.

We've done it both ways. Gabe and Chloe were both a surprise, but we did find out with Cooper. And we've come to realize that for us, it's more fun to leave the baby's sex a surprise. Odd for me, considering that I really don't like surprises and I like to plan for upcoming events. But when it comes to babies, apparently I'm up for a surprise.

With all that said, there have already been some predictions made.

No, not from this guy...

He may be pretty good at predicting winter's end.

But this guy is definitely the 'groundhog' of baby predictions...

Yup, the baby predicting king is Gabe.

He doesn't have to see his shadow or anything like that.
He just looks at a pregnant woman and knows.

Gabe makes his predictions with confidence and never waivers once the prediction is made.
It's really quite impressive.

He's made baby predictions seven times, and NEVER BEEN WRONG!
It started with Cooper.
Then he moved on to predicting my friends' babies.
And he knew all along that Chloe was a girl.

I'd say he has a pretty good track record.

And this time, he's saying the baby is...

*drum roll please*


Now, to see if he's right.
We only have to wait til' August.

For Cooper's sake, I kind of hope Gabe is right.
If you ask Cooper if he wants a boy, he says, "No, we already have two of those. I want a sister!"
I may just have a heartbroken little boy if another boy enters the family.

As for me, I don't have any feelings either way.
I'm stumped.
And last time, when I did think I knew what I was having, I was completely wrong.
So, I'll wait and see.
And as for Jason, he thinks predicting is pretty silly.
But, really, Gabe's track record doesn't lie.

So how about you have any predictions?


Anonymous said...

WOW! I wonder if he will continue the trend of guessing? That is weird he is able to know. I was thinking girl too (even before I heard what the psychic thought LOL

juliemk said...

I'm gonna go with Gabe and guess a girl as well! :-)