Sunday, March 28, 2010

Because I love you

My husband gets home today from a weekend youth conference. For those of you who didn't know or may have forgotten, Jason is a youth pastor. He took 30-something teenagers to St. Louis for Dare2Share, a national youth conference the youth group attends every year.

Now I love and share in my husband's passion for youth, his desire to see them come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ and His passion for discipleship and teaching them to disciple others.

But, I hate it when he's gone.

While we were dating and attending different colleges, we would have to say goodbye after visiting each other for the weekend, and I would cry every time. You'd think I would have 'grown up' since then, outgrown those little quirks and silly side-effects of young love. But I haven't. I still cry when he leaves. Every time. I just miss him terribly when he's gone.

And Jason knows this. He knows I am a very sensitive soul, and hate him to be away. So on Thursday, I came home from running some errands to find these on my table...

I love flowers, tulips being one of my favorites. And lavender ones at that!

I asked him what the special occasion was, and he said there was no special occasion. He said he got those flowers, 'Because I love you, and to remind you that I'll miss you while I'm gone.'

How blessed I am to have a husband like Jason.
My high school sweetheart that I loved then, love now and will love always.

And who comforts me when I cry, no matter how silly I am ;)


Valerie and Jeff said...

Awww--what a blessing he is! I love tulips too ... they are so beautiful and such a gift. I'm glad that Jason appreciates all your gentle and sensitive qualities that make you, you.
Glad he's coming back for you soon too!

Julia Kulish said...

That is so sweet!

Jodee said...

What a sweet post! You are sooo blessed with a sweet hubby! Beautiful flowers too!

Love Letters To China said...

You are one lucky lady!

TanyaLea said...

What a sweetheart!! You are blessed indeed...and those tulips are stunning! (he has good taste!)

I know what you mean...every part of what you said. I remember saying goodbye to Martin back in college, too, and crying everytime he had to leave. He travels quite a bit for work lately, and like you, I haven't outgrown it. We are also high school sweethearts, so being apart is always hard! I'm feel'in your pain, sista!! ;)


Wanda said...


Shana Putnam said...

So so sweet. You are blessed.

Tara Anderson said...

Such beautiful flowers!!!! And I love the "touch up" that you did with the quote! Again, I wish I had your creativity. :)

It's hard being separated. Andrew and I also attended different colleges, and had to say goodbye every weekend...which wasn't nearly as hard as it was when he would have to spend weeks and/or months away with the Navy. And you know what? I still whine over business trips! LOL! You think I would be used to it by now...but nope!