Tuesday, January 11, 2011

He did it!

Just look at the photo above. Doesn't, 'He did it,' pretty much say it all?!?

Chloe, so quick to point the finger of blame.

But what you don't know is that Chloe was the one who got out the box of Cheerios and brought them into Gabe and Cooper's room where she knows she isn't suppose to have food. Chloe is the one who had just asked mom if she could have another snack {what would have been her fourth snack by 9:30 a.m.} and mom had just declined. And Chloe is the one who then proceeded to sneak upstairs, get into the cabinets, get out the Cheerios and escape to Gabe and Cooper's room to eat in hiding.

But to Chloe's dismay, Gavin joined her and foiled her plan. When I came upstairs from the basement looking for where Gavin had run off to, I heard Chloe whispering, "No, Gavin, no! No spilling the Cheerios." I knew I had to grab my camera and be ready for what I was about to see. My four children have given me way too much experience with these incidences to miss out on a photo op!

Oh Chloe, looking so guilty as she says 'uh oh' and covers her mouth...

Gavin, on the other hand, didn't know what the problem was. He was enjoying his Cheerios buffet all over the rug. And afterall, how upset can you get at a boy wearing his 'I {heart} mom' pj's.


Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh my goodness--I think I better invest in a set of those PJ's for each of my boys ... just think of the angry "mom moments" they would avoid, HA!
No, really, isn't that SO the way it goes, we say "No," the kids sneak and do it anyway ... things go awry and oops ... what do ya do. Glad you could laugh and get a few good photos. It does look like it was contained to the rug which is quite good :-)

Kim said...

What a cute story! So glad you knew to get the camera. If it were our house there would be a dog in the mix to help with the clean up :).

ellieshine said...

oh so stinkin' cute! (and naughty :) I love that you captured this - and beautifully!

ps. yep the pj's would have put me over the edge too!

Katie said...

LOL - this is incredibly cute!!! ...and I know all too well the mess a box of Cheerios can make. :)