Thursday, February 26, 2009


My long absence from blogging can only be explained by one fact...I've been busy.
Oh, and sick. I am 18 weeks pregnant, and still having regular nausea and fairly regular vomiting.
Seriously, what's this baby trying to do to me?
I can tell you one thing this baby is ensuring...he or she will be the youngest member of our family.
Unless, that is, we choose to adopt someday, but that's a whole different subject.
So, between getting bids for roofing supplies for our house {a project we hope to take on in March}, catching leaks in the basement that are caused from our roof not being done yet, and being pregnant and sick, I don't have a lot of free time these days.
Oh, and not to mention the three other kids we have :)
I just wanted to express my apologies for not blogging sooner, and share a quick and quite disturbing story.
Jason walked in the door about 15 minutes ago to access our current roof leaks and proceeds to inform me that he also has some work to do on the Jeep.
What's wrong with the Jeep you ask?
Well, just the fact that the tire fell off.
Yes, that's right, the TIRE FELL OFF, while Jason was driving it!
Thankfully, he was going slow due to the extreme shaking of the vehicle, and made it into the driveway before the tire said 'adios' to the Jeep.
Anyway, all the lug nuts are of course gone.
Could this have happened without help?
But it's a little scary to think that someone may have loosened the lug nuts on the Jeep.
Certainly not a very funny prank.
Regardless, Jason is alive and well, but now has even more work to do.
I just keep repeating to myself, the Lord never gives us more than we can handle.
Im just thinking He must think we're pretty strong these days!

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