Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jack Bauer

I dream a lot. Always have.
Lately, I've been dreaming about Jack Bauer.

Nothing inappropriate, don't worry.

He just saves me from terrorist attacks, like last night when I was in dream world picking up Cooper from preschool and Jack Bauer was there searching for snipers on the school roof.

Or the night before, when there was a bomb planted in the Durango and Jack Bauer stopped me from starting the engine. What a guy!

On a different note, I have no idea why I am subconsciously thinking I'd be the target of a terrorist attack. I don't think terrorists waste their time planting bombs in too many housewives' vehicles. Unless of course their husband happens to be a very important politician. Like a Benton County Supervisor. Yeah, that must be it.

Actually, I think the dreams are just a sign that we have way too many 24 marathons around our house.

Anyway, I saw these shirts online, and think they'd be perfect for Jason and I.
{The first one is for me, in case you couldn't figure that out...}

I {heart} these shirts.
Too bad for me they don't come in maternity sizes.


Anonymous said...

You are tooo funny! I love the shirts too.. Can you believe we have NEVER seen 24? Tim and I have talked about renting the first season and having a marathon but haven't. Everyone who sees it is addicted. I mean some of my friends EVEN DREAM about it! That's crazy ;)

The Sanders Family said...

Don't buy season one...we have it so you can just borrow ours. We also have seasons 2, 3, and 4, so we can feed the addiction watching season 1 will start. Seriously, every episode is a crazy cliffhanger that leaves you needing more. You'll {heart} Jack Bauer too!!!
By the way, still haven't left for Chicago. It's 4 p.m. and we were suppose to be on the road by 2 p.m. Oops. I'm just waiting around for my busy husband!

Anonymous said...

It's almost 8 pm so you had better be gone by now ;) I'd love to borrow them if you don't mind. I should have known you'd have all the seasons :)
I hope you gets lots of shopping in tomorrow!