Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Casualties of Being Pregnant

For me, there are many casualties of being pregnant.
I have absolutely zero energy many days.
I suffer from nausea many days as well.
My love for chocolate is extremely diminished, which for those of you who know how much I love chocolate, this is a sad one for me!
But lately, one of the most apparent casualties is clumsiness.
Normally, I'm pretty coordinated. But that's just not the case anymore.
Hence, the photo below...

You wouldn't think washing a crockpot would be so hard, but for me it is.
The sad thing is, I dropped the thing twice while washing it.
The first time, I dropped it in the sink, so it didn't break.
The second time, it plummeted to the floor.
And we have tile floors.
Needless to say, it shattered, as you can see in the photo.
There was no hope for that crockpot with me handling it.
Cooper's reply to the accident was, "You shouldn't have done that mom."
Hmmm, you think?!?
I told Jason maybe it's a sign that he should be doing the dishes.
Unfortunately, I don't think he bought this idea.
Oh well.
Guess this means I'll be shopping for a new crockpot.
Any suggestions?
I do think I'll go with a larger size since our family seems to constantly be increasing.
And we all know how much food my husband eats!


Anonymous said...

No crock pot advice. I need a new one too.
I had this happen to me when I was pg too. Talk about klutzy. One more reason that little baby owes you big time :)

MamaPajama said...

Ooooh. Good thing you didn't drop it on your foot! I dropped a (much, much smaller) ceramic bowl on my foot while I was pregnant. Some would say that I also had "the pregnancy clumsies," since I had slipped and fallen on the stairs a mere month before. But I dropped the bowl on my foot on the ceramic tile of our kitchen and broke my toe. I knew right away it was broken and ended up crawling around on the floor for the evening, until we went the the emergency room. It was extremely painful, and then I was huge and carrying around 25 extra pounds already. Ugggg.

Oh yeah, crock pots. Just be sure to check that the handles feel solid. A bunch were recalled a year or two ago for the handles falling off. Mine wasn't recalled, but it's soooo heavy that the plastic handles feel like they'll fall off at any minute, so I don't even use them. :-P