Friday, July 10, 2009

37 Weeks

There have been many inquiries and rumors that maybe I've had the baby since I haven't updated the blog in so long. Well, let me put the rumors to baby yet. Baby boy is still waiting to make his world debut inside my overcrowded tummy.

I did have an ultrasound today to estimate this little guy's weight. He's in the 60th percentile for size, and my doctor is estimating he'll be between 8 and 8 1/2 pounds, which is right around what both Cooper and Chloe weighed. I'm definitely relieved to hear that he won't be competing with his oldest brother for the prize of biggest Sanders boy! I shutter to think of giving birth to another 10 pound bundle of joy!

I also found out that I'm 2 and 1/2 cm dilated and the baby's head remains extremely low. So, he's definitely getting ready! I absolutely can't wait to see him, hold him and introduce him to all of you!

In other news, my birthday lens arrived!!! After the morning storms we experienced here, I was able to try that baby out, and boy, do I love my new lens! It is a Nikon 18 - 200, so I no longer have to be in the kids faces to get the shots I'm looking for.

Here's a preview, I'll have to post more later because I took so many!
I'd love to hear what you think!
Which one is your favorite?


Anonymous said...

This are awesome! You have to take some for me sometime soon. Oh wait, you're gonna! S :)

TanyaLea said...

Hi Angie~

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment... I love meeting new people out here in Bloggyville! :) Your photography is are your models!!:) You have a VERY attractive family...and still growing, I see! :) My sister-in-law has the same due date, only they're having a little girl! Unfortunately, she has to have a c-section, so it is sceduled for the 27th of this month. We're just praying that all goes well and baby and mom are healthy!!

I was reading your profile about you and your husband being HS sweetharts...LOVE IT! My husband and I are also HS sweetharts, only we married in Dec of '94... so I'm guessing we've got a few years on you! My husband just turned 37 TODAY! :) Oh how the years fly by!

Thanks again for your note and I look forward to getting to know you better. I'm enjoying your blog so far and can't wait to see more of your photography!
Take care and have a blessed weekend! <><


The Sanders Family said...

TanyaLea ~
You are too sweet! Thank you for the nice complements, and I will definitely be exploring your blog more too!
I love to hear about other high school sweethearts! I just turned 30 and my husband just turned 31. So, we're a bit younger, but not much :)
Happy birthday to your husband!
God bless!

Emilie Wita said...

It's a tie. The second one of Chloe and the very last one of the boys.

Anonymous said...

OH Angie! Those are terrific! I can't decide which I like the best of Chloe.. She is looking more and more like Jason..
The coloring is terrific too..
I really like the one of the boys together. New toys are fun aren't they?

Whitney said...

The pics are amazing. I can't wait for our photo shoot!

The Sanders Family said...

Thanks Whitney!
I'm looking forward to taking photos of you and TJ too!

MamaPajama said...

These are great! After spending a few minutes trying to take pics of the kiddos this weekend, I have a new appreciation for your talent! When one was smiling, the other wasn't, and everyone was grumbling. So, I had to just take pictures of them playing.

Can't wait to meet your new babe! Been thinking about you guys!

The Sanders Family said...

Shawna...I just have to comment back and say that you are so very right! Chloe does look so much like her daddy in these photos! That was my very first thought when I pulled them into photoshop for editing. I should post a photo of Jason at this age next to Chloe just to make it even more apparent. And to show how much she doesn't look like me, I could post of photo of me at this age. That is, if I ever get around to blogging again, lol.