Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Secret Hideout

It's been a crazy week so far. Between Vacation Bible School every morning, then coming home and feeding kids and putting them down for naps so that I can work on the newsletter for the next day of VBS, my days have been eaten up. Then throw T-ball, doctor's appointments and a visiting friend from Colorado into the mix, and I've really been on the go! Is it really only Wednesday?

Well, I am still pregnant, but thankful to know that I only have a few more weeks until I hold that baby that is
kicking me constantly in my arms. I can't think about it too much, because I get super excited and impatient. Maybe keeping busy has been good after all!

I thought I'd update the blog by sharing some photos of the kids in their Secret Hideout. I really don't know how much of a
secret it is, since Gabe is pretty forthcoming with its location to just about anyone who comes around. But nevertheless, the kids call it their secret hideout. Funnier yet, when I was taking photos of the kids in their secret hideout, Gabe said, "'re not going to put these on the blog are you? Cause then everyone will know where our hideout is." I thought he'd been doing a pretty good job of revealing the location all on his own. But I told Gabe not to worry, that I wouldn't divulge the exact location of the hideout, just some closeup photos of the kids in it. He thought this was a good compromise.

So, here they are...

{Ok, so this first one is a little revealing of the location of this secret hideout. There's not a lot of huge bush formations in our yard.}

{This was when Gabe was still a little apprehensive about me taking photos of this undercover location. Look at his face...can't you just hear him saying, 'Oh, Mom! Come on!'}

Cooper was not too thrilled with the hideout photo shoot either...

And in case you were wondering,
Girls ARE Allowed in this hideout! Even Chloe talks about the 'Secret Hideout,' saying the words plain as day. She gets so excited when the boys take her there to play. It's nice the boys let their little sis tag along...

Upon me trying to enter, however, I was not allowed access due to the
'No Babies Allowed' rule. You know, since I kind of have to have a baby with me at all times these days, Gabe made it very known that I was not getting into this hideout! 'After the baby comes, then you can leave him in the house and come into our hideout Mom,' Gabe said. Gee, thanks Gabe!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Kinz is dying to know where that hideout is! I better not drive her by so she doesn't spy it LOL

Kenna didn't say a thing about the hideout but said "There is Miss Gabe and Miss Cooper" :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

Very cool hideout!
I gotta tell ya though ... the sight of tall green weeds makes me reminisce about the poison ivy I had last year and it zaps the fun outta anything related! And not to scare you ... but that isn't poison ivy by Gabe's knee in that one photo is it?!
It made my skin hurt seeing it!
I obviously do not know what it looks like enough to avoid it so I'm avoiding all weeds. ("Leaves of 3 let 'er be!")