Friday, July 24, 2009

The Countdown

It seems like I've been on 'pregnancy countdown' for so long now. I can't venture out of the house without running into people I know, and those I don't, all inquiring about the same thing: 'how much longer?'
Well, I had my weekly doctor's check-up yesterday, and it sounds like the answer to that common question is 'not much longer at all!'
When my doctor checked me, he response was, 'I will be very surprised if we have to induce.' That was music to my ears because, as I've shared before, I would prefer to not have to be induced again.
I am dilated to 3 cm and, as the doctor put it, the baby's head is so low he's just waiting to fall out. Sounds awfully reassuring. I already feel like this baby's about to fall out every time I walk, and now I have confirmation that he may very well do just that!
I am trying to hold out through the weekend, because we have a very dear friend's wedding to attend, where Jason is actually suppose to perform the ceremony. It's kind of hard to get married without a pastor, but it's also not in my plans to have a baby without my husband, so hence my need to hold out!
I also have three different logo design projects to finish, graphics to finish designing for a website and a brochure to finalize. All not easy tasks to complete with three kids running around, but still much easier to finish without a newborn baby added to the mix. Needless to say, I've been working hard trying to finalize some projects before the baby's arrival.
And then there's our extreme home makeover project, for which we're the general contractors. Jason and I have decided that we now understand why general contractors make so much money. It really is a pain to deal with all the aspects of ordering supplies and lining up labor when you have deadlines to meet. It takes a lot of coordination, organization, and a lot of time, which we seem to be running short on right now :)
It's really a struggle between excitement /anticipation to finally hold our little guy, and a nagging list of things to do before his arrival.
But when it comes down to it, this baby boy is going to come when it's time. And after all, God's timing is always perfect. I can find great peace in that fact!
I know so many of you have voiced your thoughts and prayers for me and my family as we await our newest arrival. I cannot tell you how much your prayers mean to us, and I can't thank you enough for thinking of us!
We are so blessed to have so many family and friends share in our excitement of a new Sanders arrival!
And now, for a random photo.
I actually had a photo shoot with a friend and her family the other day. They recently adopted two children and I was glad to help get them some updated family shots. But I'll save those photos for another day.
Instead, here's what Gabe's been up to...


Valerie and Jeff said...

Big thunderstorms are rolling through to the North ... maybe tonight is the night?! But you are right, he'll come when he's ready and I hope on his own without inducing. (never fun.)

We are excited to hear of his arrival though and remember, you can bring the kids over if you need some quite bonding time with the baby :-)

Good luck getting through the weekend ... and one more Sunday of "Oh, you haven't had the baby yet?!" Don't you love that question. We're just all so excited. Forgive us. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been going crazy wondering. We miss t-ball on Thursday so I don't know what you Dr. says. Then we drive past your house tonight and see your mom's car. I totally wanted to knock on the door and find out where you are! :)
Maybe I'll say a prayer just in case you are in labor as I type.

I saw the pictures you took of Sarah's family. I thought they looked like your style. SOOO cute!

Maybe I'll see ya at the wedding tomorrow? :)

Anonymous said...

Missed ya at church this morning ;)
I am praying like mad for a fast easy labor. I can't wait to meet your new little guy!

(Oh and after the wedding Tim has decided he wants to adopt Cooper.)