Monday, June 7, 2010

10-month-old Stair Climber

The day before my birthday, Gavin decided to climb the stairs for the first time. At ten months old, he made it up four stairs and stopped for a rest on the landing.

Happy birthday to me. Time to put the gate up!


Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Birthday to you is right!! Gates are a life saver but oh my are a pain.
No wonder he wanted down yesterday at church. Jason had him right next to the stairs!

Happy crawling!

Tina Fisher said...

Congrats to Gavin for this accomplishment! And what a nice birthday present for you!

I can't wait for these things!

Kim said...

Have a wonderful birthday! Great pictures of your little guy I am glad I am passed the stair climbing phase but good luck to you!

Gail said...

Oh my, I remember those days well, my 2 youngest were(and still are) quite the climbers. And what a cutie!!

Happy Birthday!

Jodee Leader said...

No way! What a hoot! He is soooo cute!

Happy Birthday to you!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh Joy!
He looks so sweet and innocent by those stairs too ... I am SO looking forward to getting rid of the gates someday soon in our house!!! (Maybe one of the only bright parts of moving on from kids.) But what a lifesaver ... until they figure out how to move them/disassemble them ... which is WAY too quickly!