Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cooper at Five

Cooper Tait turns five today!

It just so happens to also be our ten year wedding anniversary as well. Yes, our son was born June 10, 2005, five years to the day after I married my best friend. Another post will follow about our ten year anniversary, but I want to make this one about Cooper.

Cooper is the only one of my children who came
willingly. With the other three kiddos, I had to be given pitocin to induce labor, but not with Cooper. I awoke early morning on our fifth wedding anniversary to find that I was having regular contractions. And from then on out, the labor and delivery were textbook. And easy.

As with all my labors, I chose NOT to have any pain medication. But I can honestly say that with this labor, I wouldn't have needed any if it were a choice in my mind. It was a breeze, and in turn, the entire experience was filled with joy. And joy is exactly what Cooper has brought to our lives.

Cooper is one of the sweetest, kindest kiddos you'll ever meet. It's so neat to look at all of my four children and see God's handiwork in four very different and unique ways. He makes all of us so very special. And Cooper is indeed special. He has such a sweet sensitivity about him. He cares for others and thinks of others first. It will not surprise me in the least if Cooper's future involves taking care of others in some way, because that's just what comes naturally to him. He is kind.

Time and time again, Cooper can be seen putting others first. The way he cares for his baby brother and lets his big brother lead the way while humbly following. The way he willingly plays tea party with his little sister, when he'd rather be playing Batman. There are the attributes that are so very apparent in Cooper and make me so very thankful for him. Because you can't be around Cooper very long without striving to be a better person yourself. That's just the impact he has on people. Through his actions, you see love. And after all, they will know us by our love. I think God made Cooper for such a special purpose, and I'm excited to see who He is molded and shaped to be as he grows.

Happy Birthday Cooper!


Tina Fisher said...

What a sweet boy you have! It will be fun for him to one day see the lovely words his mother wrote about him when he was five.!

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Happy Anniversary to you and Jason!

Amy said...

Happy anniversary! And happy birthday to your boy. He looks a lot like his older brother.

Melissa said...

Love that little guy and your family too! He brought so much joy to our classroom this year. What a way to celebrate your anniversary! Hope that you all enjoy the day together! :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Cooper!
This is a popular day for celebrations ... and you make it even more special. Hope you have a Happy 5th Birthday!

Emilie Wita said...

Another birthday already? Goodness!!! Happy birthday, Coop!!

Olivia turned five last Wednesday and boy does she remember!! She hasn't stopped talking about her tea party and how she's old enough for Kindergarten. Kinda breaks my heart :[

Julia Kulish said...

What a cute kid! Tell him happy b day from Sophie and family. Happy aniversary to you and Jason too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! And Happy Anniversary to you and Jason!!! May you have many more happy years together!

Kim said...

What great pictures of Cooper! I love the second one, he has such beautiful eyes, all of your kids do. I also loved the pictures of you and Jason but forgot to mention it in my comment.

Alyssa will turn 5 on Monday so I have been thinking about what I am going to write. I do have to agree it is neat to see God's handiwork in our children as they are all different.

Mama Hen said...

I gave you an award on Mama's Little Chick! You deserve it with such a nice blog!

Mama Hen