Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Game of the Day: Pillow Boats

My kids, like most kids, like to make up their own games.

Today's game: 'Pillow Boats.'

All you have to do is line up some pillows, along with some passengers {aka stuffed animals} on the floor...

...and you've got yourself a boat!

Add some cute kids, and you've got yourself some cute 'pillow boat' pictures.

And yes, we're all about cheap entertainment at the Sanders household.

I'm excited for Friday, Gabe's last day of school. Then summer break is here and I'll have four pillow boat participants to enjoy the fun!


Emilie Wita said...

Cute as always! I love how your kids are always dressed like they could go out somewhere nice. I can't imagine dressing a baby everyday! I don't put actual clothes on Xavier until he gets up from his afternoon nap! Your kids aren't freaks though, meaning they probably don't sneak and spill Dr.Pepper all over their bodies. Must be nice :]

Kim said...

Great picture of your sweet kiddos. I love their imaniative boats and all of their passengers. I am sure you can't wait for your oldest to join the fun!

Jboo said...

Pillow boats -- what a great idea! So cute!


JinXiu said...

could they be any cuter

Love Letters To China said...

I so love when kids use their imaginations. Looks like yours are doing a great job with theirs!