Friday, March 27, 2009

I knew that was it!

We were in the Durango driving the other day and out of the blue, Cooper asks me an interesting question.
"Mom, why are all the girls always telling me that I'm their girlfriend {he means boyfriend}?"
I reply, "I bet it's because you're so kind and sweet Cooper, and they want to be your friend."
Cooper thinks for a minute, and then responds, "Yeah. And because I'm so cute."
"Yes, I do have to say that you are pretty cute Cooper," I said.
Cooper then replies, "Yup. I knew that was it!"
I looked back in the rear view mirror, and Coop had a similar smile to the one in the below photo I took last night at Gabe's vocal concert...

With that smile, he's quite the charmer.
Boy, am I in trouble with this little ladies man!

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