Monday, August 24, 2009


A child's world is full of 'firsts.'

The first smile, the first word, the first step.

But there's always those 'firsts' that you never want your child to experience. And at three weeks of age, Gavin experienced one of those firsts...his first ear infection.

I can't say I'm surprised. Each of our other three children had endless ear infections plaguing their first year of life, which resulted in all three kids getting tubes put in their ears. I was just wishing and hoping, and more importantly praying, that Gavin would be the exception.

Unfortunately, it's not looking too good for his poor little ears.

But thankfully, he did have a fever so that I knew to take him to the doctor. Sad when you're thankful your child ran a fever, isn't it?!? Yet if he hadn't, I could have just written off his fussiness and lack of sleep as just something newborns do sometimes.

The doctor prescribed antibiotics and scheduled a 10 day check-up, at which we'll hopefully learn his ear is fully recovered.

This all happened on Friday, but it wasn't the only first of the day.
Gabe came home from school with another first...his first lost tooth!

He couldn't wait to get off that school bus and tell of all the details of his first missing tooth. We heard about where he was when he lost it {at his desk}, how he lost it {he twisted it until it came out}, who he had told he lost it {EVERYONE} and what he received when he lost it {a treasure chest for his tooth.}

Needless to say, Gabe was excited!

But the firsts don't end there! On Saturday, we were given a twin sized bed that we decided to set up for Chloe. And that night, Chloe slept in her first big girl bed.
Since she's been climbing out of her crib every night for months, we knew she'd been ready for a big girl bed but hadn't made the transition with everything going on {pregnancy, remodeling, etc.} But with the gift of a free bed, the transition was made easy. {Thank you Bob & Rita...Chloe LOVES her new bed!}

To say the least, our world has been quite busy with all these firsts.
But then again, why wouldn't it be with four children to experience firsts with!


TanyaLea said...

Wow...those are alot of firsts. Mostly good ones, but we will be praying for Gavin that he won't need tubes in his ears. And Gabe is just too cute with his missing tooth. Who can resist his adorable freckles and big eyes!? So cute!! All of your kids are just beautiful! And of course I love that you have a Chloe!!...I'm a little partial to the name! Hope she enjoys her 'big girl' bed! :)

Blessings and Hugs! <><

Paige said...

Those were a lot of firsts...

Last year, my son's first day of kindergarten brought with it his first lost tooth...I was amazed! And the firsts have not stopped....

Thanks for sharing...


Shana Putnam said...