Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toothless Grin

At this rate, my cute first grader will soon be a toothless one. That's right, Gabe lost, or shall I say twisted & pulled out, another loose tooth.

I just posted about his first missing tooth a few days ago, and now he's already gone and lost another one. Yet as I eluded to above, he didn't so much lose it as pull it out himself.

Gabe told us that he sat during story time at school and twisted and pulled at that loose tooth until it 'broke free from it's hanging thing,' as Gabe put it. Ewww. Glad I wasn't there to see that, because just the thought of it makes my stomach turn.

But his graphic explanation didn't stop there. Gabe then described how it bled and 'oozed.' Yuck! I guess it's a blessing he's losing these teeth at school and not at home in front of mom!

I do hope his trend of pulling teeth stops soon. Gabe will certainly look pretty funny with a toothless grin!