Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gabe's Cast

We've had a little mishap in the Sanders household. Let me start from the beginning...

It all started with Jason and I having a date night this past Saturday. We very rarely have date nights and since it had been so long, we thought it was about time. So we ventured out for dinner and a movie.
Meanwhile, my mom came over to watch our kiddos.

We left around 5:30 p.m. and told my mom that bedtime that night should be around 8 p.m. For some reason when Grandma is around, Gabe thinks it's time to pull out all of his stalling techniques for bedtime. He doesn't try these with mom & dad, just with grandma. Of course, grandma is a bit of a softy. I guess that's what grandmas are for, right? So when Gabe asked if he could pretty please have the door cracked open, Grandma said yes.

Bad idea.

A few minutes later, Gabe then decided that there was too much light in his bedroom to fall asleep, and instead of asking Grandma to shut the door for him, he decided to do it himself....from the top bunk of his bunk bed. He reached out, couldn't quite reach the door, so he reached out a little more...and a little more...and just a little more. Until, you guessed it, he FELL out of his bunk bed, onto his outstretched arm.


There were a few tears, but nothing too bad. Gabe sucked it up and went to bed. My mom called to tell us what had happened, but since Gabe wasn't complaining about his arm hurting, there were really no worries.

The next few days, Gabe mentioned a few times that his arm was a little sore. But of course it would be, falling on it from the top bunk. And despite these very few complaints, he continued to do everything the same. He played hard with his arm. He showed no cause for concern.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon. Gabe had a doctor's appointment I had already scheduled for a re-check due to an illness he had a few weeks ago. Just as the doctor was finishing up the re-check appointment, Gabe happens to mention his arm was a little sore. The doctor, just to be safe, ordered an x-ray, all along figuring Gabe's arm was most likely okay since he had gone on, life as usual, for the past two days.


Instead, the appointment resulted in this...

That's right. Gabe had what is referred to as a buckle break on his arm. It's really not too bad of a break, but requires a cast.

I was shocked. And at the same time, was so thankful that Gabe said something about his arm, otherwise we might not have ever known and it might not have healed correctly.

But with the cast, which the doctor says should stay on for about 3 weeks, Gabe's arm will heal and be good as new.

On the bright side, Gabe is excited to have a cast. He really thinks it's pretty cool, and will enjoy showing his friends at school today. He also loves that he got to pick the color: black.

The bummer is that he will now have to miss the end of the wrestling season. Gabe was sad about that because he truly loves the sport. Oh, and that he still has to do his homework. Upon learning that he was going to have to have a cast, Gabe happily replied, "Yes! Now I don't have to do my homework!" To Gabe's dismay, the doctor assured him that he will still be able to write. Big bummer ;-)

And mom's bummer...trying to get a six-year-old, active boy to be careful with his arm. Gabe is all boy, through and through, and he loves to play rough. This could prove to be a challenge for me.

I asked Gabe what he learned from his fall. He smartly replied, "I'll definitely get out of bed before I try to shut the door next time."

Wish it would have been, 'no more playing around and stalling at bedtime.' But, at least he learned some sort of lesson I guess.

What a goof...


Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh my goodness! I am SO glad he said something too! I don't know how many times Brayden has had something so similar happen and we have brushed it off as, "Well, if it's not swollen and causing him constant tears it isn't broken." ACK! I can imagine someday when we get an x-ray and they find all these mends or something! (ie: Sunday night, Brayden stalling for bedtime and during prayers he kept running out to check the score of the Vikings game. He's obviously NOT supposed to leave during prayer time ... but instead of yelling I was letting Easton finish his prayers first and well, the second time back into the room I think God got his attention as he bashed his foot into the door frame. It had to hurt! But there again, no blood, no swelling, nothing huge ... so I wasn't overly sympathetic but used it more as a learning point. ack!)

We were just saying we needed to find out when Gabe's next wrestling meet would be. Next season I guess! I hope he's healing well ... and how cool to have a cast! I've never had one, and if you can get one without terrible amounts of pain that is a BONUS! He is really tough!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh my gosh - what a tough cookie!! Isn't that amazing that he went so long with it broken - I'd have been sobbing every day! I'll bet Grandma feels terrible...*I* feel bad FOR her (and Gabe, of course!)

Tara Anderson said...

He looks so proud of that cast!!!

Carli Robison said...

Thank you for the nice comment! You have a beautiful family as well!! I am new to the whole blogging thing so it is going to take a bit for me to get the hang of it!!! Your blog is interesting ad fun to read, hope mine gets there someday :) lol Anyway, sorry to read about your son Gabe's broken arm and I hope he heals quickly!!! Blessings to you and your family as well!

Anonymous said...

That's a wild story! I hope he feels 100% soon!

Shana Putnam said...

Blaze had a buckle fracture when he was 14 months from falling off our bed while we were getting ready for church and he kept playing and we didn't take him till that evening because he just kept acting funny with it. Weird how they keep going huh?

Jboo said...

Oh my -- so glad it wasn't worse and that he mentioned. I'm sure his buddies think it is very cool! I have a bedtime staller at my house too. Hope you have a great Wednesday tomorrow. Can't wait to see your B&W photo!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH NO!!! He must have a high tolerance for pain.... I would imagine it had to hurt!!

These pictures are really cute....he looks pretty darned proud of that cast:) Hopefully the 3 weeks will go by quickly for him and his arm will be completely healed!

Have a great night!



Jodee said...

The poor little guy! He is one tough cookie!

We had a similar experience. Our daughter broke her collarbone while with a sitter and it went undiagnosed for a few days. The first time we took her in, they didn't x-ray! I felt awful!

My Heart said...

My son (6 years old) had a cast on this winter too. He, as well, was pleased as punch at the fact that he got to show his school friends this cool new part of his body.

He picked orange.