Friday, October 16, 2009

Chloe and the Croup

One out of every four children will be effected by sickness during the cold and flu season. That statistic doesn't make our household odds very good, now does it. With four kids, it seems one of them is always sick this time of year.

And right now, that kid is Chloe.

It came on so suddenly! She has been battling a runny nose for a few weeks now. But all of a sudden Chloe woke up last night with a terrible barking cough and fever. I gave her a drink, tucked her back into bed and it wasn't 20 minutes before she was again coming out of her room to tell me, 'It hurts really, really bad mom,' as she gripped her chest. This happened several times. As I laid down beside my little girl, I could hear her wheezing as she breathed. It scared me a bit, I have to admit.

I took her into the doctor first thing this morning only to find out that Chloe has the croup. By this point she sounded terrible and had all but lost her voice. She was feeling so badly that they gave her a shot of steroids in the thigh.

Now Chloe can be a bit dramatic. Well, actually, a lot dramatic. It was hard to hold a straight face as she limped down the hall of the doctor's office holding her leg and telling anyone that would listen, "my leg hurt really, really bad. My leg hurt hard!'


Needless to say, she's not feeling good today, but is thankfully resting now.

Oh how I wish it were me that were sick instead of her. I hate to see my children suffering, and would always wish to take their place if I could. Which brings my mind back to my Heavenly Father. Funny how the simplest of thoughts can bring us right back to Him. He loves us just as we love our children, only more. Hard to imagine, isn't it! How could anyone love us more than I love my own children...I love them to the ends of the earth. But because He is free of sin and He is perfect, He is able to love with a perfect love that can only come from Him. Now that is truly awesome. And He showed us that perfect love by sending His son to take our place on the cross. Talk about self sacrificial, agape love!

Today I pray that my Heavenly Father, who loves Chloe, his child, so much, will quickly bring her back to the place she was at as she walked in this field...

...happy, healthy and carefree.


Tara Anderson said...

I'll be praying for your Chloe. It is SO hard when our kiddoes are sick! I'm with you...I would be sick a dozen times over just to spare them! Which, of course, brings us back to our Lord who did just that for us! Oh, how I love Him so!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Chloe! I imagine it was really scary to hear her wheezing in the middle of the night. It's terrible when our kids don't feel good. I actually went to your Dr. today {Amber} I wanted to thank you for recommending her. I LOVED her!!! I actually looked for your car in the parking lot {at 10 am} and laughed to myself thinking she isn't ALWAYS here. Sure enough.. ;)

Anyways I hope Chloe starts feeling better asap!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh the croup ... UG! Brayden and Easton have had that every fall since Brayden was 4 months old--I know the terrible scared feeling of waking up to that BARKING! I've always found steaming up the bathroom and staying in there for 15-20 minutes with them helps a little ... and it's good for your complextion too :-)
Brayden has been in the clear so far ... and I've only had to steam once so far ... probably about due, eh?
Hope she feels better soon!

Unknown said...

Glad you liked Amber. She is so nice. What did you end up having? Hope you're feeling better!

You should have dropped my name...I Amber her so often, it's like she's my BFF :) Our appointment was for 11:15 a.m. so we must have just missed you. When we walked in Kyla S. offered me a job there. I think I could be a nurse by now. I know the drill :)

Unknown said...


I had forgotten that your boys are prone to the croup, but I remember now! I should have called you last night to take care of Chloe at 3 a.m. since you're an old hat at it :) Glad you're crew is healthy so far...praying you stay that way!

Shana Putnam said...

Definitely praying for Chloe.

Paige said...

Hey--I know a thing or two about four year old Caroline has croup about every 6 weeks...and this last round lasted 4 weeks (we had some complications in conjunction with croup) is scary to hear the wheezing and it is definitely one of those things you want to pass quickly.

Keep up the breathing treatments/steroids and you will see improvements soon. Just don't give the steriods before bed...course by now you probably know that already... :)

I will be praying for you....and Chloe