Friday, October 30, 2009


I have yet to introduce our new pet on the blog.

Meet Walle...

He's named after one of our kids' favorite Disney movies...

He's a great cat. Trust me, he must be great because that's coming from a family of dog-lovers, not cat people.

Walle is a stray kitten that found his way to Jason's parent's farm and into our kids' hearts. They just fell in love with this kitten, so we ended up taking him home.

Did I mention they {heart} this cat?!? They really do. They're always carrying him around, putting him in boxes or in wagons, or if you are Chloe, putting him in the dryer.

And Walle doesn't seem to mind one bit.

Actually, he kind of seems to like tight spaces.

Like, the inside of our wall for instance.

Yes, that's right, you read that correctly...the inside of our wall.

Last week I was sitting at the computer when I heard a 'meeeooooowwww' and something slide down the inside of the wall I was sitting by. I looked at Jason, he looked at me, and we both said, "Walle!"

The cat had gotten into the house through a little hole that is not yet sealed up where our fireplace piping goes outside. And since we've gutted out the main level of the house as part of our extensive home renovation project, Walle somehow got into the floor from upstairs and slid down between the studs of the basement wall.

Could you get any more ironic than having your cat, named Walle, get stuck in your Wall? Seriously!

After a lot of meowing from the cat and a lot of wondering how we're going to get this cat out of the wall, Walle was thankfully able to climb up the inside of the wall and into the basement ceiling. The other option was that we were going to have to cut a hole in the wall to get him out, and that would have brought Walle down on the popularity ratings around the Sanders household for sure!

After Walle got up the wall to the basement ceiling, Jason was able to take out one of the canned lights and pull the cat out through the light opening in the ceiling, like this...{excuse the poor photo quality. I didn't make the poor cat stay trapped in the ceiling so that I could grab my flash.}

What? Haven't you ever pulled your cat out of your wall before?

Hmmm. You mean that's not normal?

Well, neither is our life.

Cuz' really, are you that surprised that this happened to us?

I thought not.


juliemk said...

OH my goodness! That made me laugh out loud! That is awesome! Wow, so the Sanders have a cat. I never thought I'd see the day. A cat that went into the wall! That's amazing! :-) Never a dull moment!

Tara Anderson said...

That is hilarious!!! I can imagine our dog doing something similiar. :) I've always liked cats, but my Dad is seriously allergic so we can't have one...but I hope you keep enjoying your Walle. He sounds like the perfect cat for your family!

TanyaLea said...

OMGoodness!! That is so stink'in hilarious! My husband and I just laughed as we looked at the photos! Thank goodness you were around and heard him in your wall, otherwise you may not have known WHERE he was!! He's still a little kitten, so that's good...probably helped him from getting STUCK in your wall! Yep, he sounds like a good match for your family. Walle. TOO CUTE!! :)

Have a nice weekend! <><

Valerie and Jeff said...

That is hilarious! It almost looks like Jason is helping him be delivered or something through the ceiling! He should have had his head lamp (haha!)

Oddly enough I saw something so similar on a recent episode of Curious George! (One of my popular tv fav shows ya know.)

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say about this one! How funny is that? I would love to show it to Kinz since I know she would find it hilarious but then I'll have to hear "but Gabe has a cat why can't we get one!" AGAIN!

I love that you took pictures of Jason "delivering" the cat. I agree with Val though, he really should have had his head lamp on. ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the expression on Jason's face. He kinda has that I-can't-believe-I'm-doing-this look.

Our cat has gotten stuck in the ceiling several times at both of our houses. At the old house, he would get stuck (as in can't physically get out) several times among the pipes. And we'd have to help him out. At this house, we have a drop ceiling, and he gets stuck (as in we have to chase him from room to room for an hour and corner him) to get him out. He also has fallen through and broken two of our ceiling tiles "getting out" on his own. So, I can imagine your adventure. What I can't imagine is having a real ceiling and walls and having to worry about cutting a hole to get him out. Yikes!

Also, we love the name.

Sarah said...

This story is so fabulous, I can't believe there's someone else out there who's daily life is as outrageous as mine! ;> Because this would totally happen to me. And the pics are great, I thoroughly enjoyed the play by play! God's blessings, Sarah :D

Emilie Wita said...

Was he Walle before or AFTER this adventure?