Thursday, May 7, 2009


Is it weird that my daughter tries to put hangers over her head?
Not just once in awhile, but I'm talking the minute she gets a hold of a hanger, it goes straight over her head.

Odd? Yes.
But, she does apparently color coordinate the hanger
with her outfit.
I taught her well.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Angie!! As crazy as it may seem it has to be SOOO exciting to finally see progress. I agree you have a lot going on right now but you have to get stuff done when you have help right? Did you get the roof on yet?

Unknown said...

Thanks Shawna! Yes, the roof is on...well, mostly. It is almost all sheathed and the guys covered it with tarp before the rain hit...actually, right as the rain hit. There's a few leaks, since of course it doesn't have the tar paper or any shingles on yet, but we're used to leaks around here. {By the way, I'm probably not getting all the technical terms correct. Oops.} So, I guess they'll finish it up after the rain goes away :)