Monday, May 11, 2009

Raising the Roof

Most expectant mothers are busy preparing for their baby to arrive, perhaps by styling the perfect nursery.
I happen to love this one for our little guy...

Unfortunately, being smack dab in the middle of a total home makeover means there is no nursery to style. In fact, at the moment, we have no roof...

'We' {no, not me, but the guys} spent the day on Friday tearing the old roof off of our house.

Today {Monday} will be spent putting the new one on, hopefully to be fully assembled and weatherized by the time rain is scheduled to hit tomorrow night...

Right now with no roof, much of the siding ripped off, and additions built onto the house that are currently not 'tied in', the house looks...well....hideous.
Luckily, Jason and I have both been blessed with the vision it takes to see what the end product will be, even in the midst of a total mess. I suppose that's why we've taken on renovation projects like this before.
I think we both enjoy the challenge of taking something mediocre and making it magnificent.
And, we are both excited to make this our dream home, although believe me, there are days when we just want it finished!

I'm well aware that there's many people who think we're crazy for taking on such an extensive project, especially with three small children and one on the way. But that's where prayer comes in, asking the Lord to grant me patience daily, which definitely is a virtue in a home renovation project.

Admittedly, doing most of the work ourselves does make for added stress. After all, it's not like that show, 'Extreme Home Makeover,' where the house is started and finished in the same week. The littlest projects can seem to go on for months! And with doing the work ourselves, if something goes wrong, which let's face it, it always does, we have no one to blame but ourselves! But thankfully, we have a lot of great family and friends who have volunteered to help out {so we'll just blame them when something goes wrong!} Just kidding!!!

After the roof is in place, the plan is to completely finish the outside of the, siding, stone work, etc. Then we'll move the project indoors, where we've completely gutted the upstairs of our house and currently live in the finished basement.
With the baby coming and only three bedrooms in our basement all currently in use, my dreams of preparing a beautiful nursery for our little boy are just that, dreams.
But he can only be in our room for a few months before he'll need his own space, so the pressure will be on this fall to get the upstairs project under wraps.
But, Lord willing, we will get this done...someday?!?
Ah, the joys of home renovation!


Anonymous said...

That is AMAZING! First off, I can't wait to see the before and after photos. Second, I wish wish wish I had even half that talent to be able to do that kind of work. I'd love to have one more bedroom above the garage (we have two bedrooms upstairs for four of us). We have a nice-sized lot (for the city), a great location, and I'm starting to really like our neighbors, but we're short one room at least if we want to someday have one more little one. (I think it would be hard to put three in a room as they start to get older.) But you guys are tackling way more than a room over the garage! You're ambitious AND talented! Very cool!

Gma said...

Well it started raining an hour ago here. You have probably less than an hour before it gets to you. I hope that roof is in place and sealed up tight. I came home from work early to plant some impatiens before the rain arrived, but it started raining on the way home, so they won't be going in today!

Unknown said...

MamaP... You're too sweet :) I don't know about the 'ambitious and talented' part. Maybe more like crazy. I guess it's all in how you look at it :) Thanks for the comments though. I'm sure you too could tackle a little renovation. If we can, anyone can!