Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Chloe

It really doesn't seem like it has been a whole year since I wrote this post commemorating Chloe's first birthday. But since it is May 26, 2009, I guess it must be true...our little Chloe Faith is turning two! {Sorry, I couldn't resist a little rhyme.}

I also couldn't resist having a second birthday photo shoot with Chloe. It took much prodding, because this girl does not like to cooperate with mom during photo shoots. But I think we captured some really cute shots and Chloe's sweet & silly personality.
What do you think...

Oh how much this little one has grown, changed and learned in the past two years! It's amazing really, how God gives us this little precious baby that grows and develops oh so quickly. I think every mother has wished at some point or another that we could just stop time, keeping our little ones little forever. But with every day comes a new and exciting milestone that we wouldn't want to interrupt.

Well, since two years equals 24 months, I thought I play upon the number 24 and share...

24 Facts About Chloe

1. Chloe talks ALL THE TIME. There's rarely a minute where she's not telling some tale. Her funniest phrases are: 'Shake that body,' which can be heard as she busts out some of her infamous dance moves and 'Cooper, go to your room!'

Chloe has a blood curdling scream, which she utilizes to express excitement, fear, anger, joy, etc. In short, we hear this scream A LOT!

3. Chloe is extremely animated and cannot watch a movie without singing or talking along with the characters. {This can drive her brothers crazy!}

4. Chloe is very polite, never forgetting to say 'please' and persisting to say 'thank you' over and over again until someone has acknowledged her with a 'your welcome.'

5. Chloe's favorite tv shows are Little Einsteins, Dora the Explorer and Barney. Favorite movies include The Little Mermaid, Stuart Little 2 and Wall-E.

6. Favorite foods include waffles, chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, although there's not many foods Chloe won't eat.

7. Chloe still loves to play with balls, as I addressed
in this post last summer.

8. Diapering dolls and tucking them into Cooper's bed is a favorite pastime.

9. Chloe is ultra sensitive. She can be brought to tears simply by telling her 'no' with a stern voice. {Takes after her mommy in the area of sensitivity.}

10. Chloe absolutely loves her daddy. We often have the same conversation, which goes a little something like this...
Chloe: 'Where's Daddy?' Me: 'I don't know! Where is daddy Chloe?' Chloe: 'Daddy's at work. Daddy's bye bye.'

11. Chloe says Cooper, but rarely says Gabe. Instead, she calls him by his full name, 'Gabriel.'

12. This girl has figured out the art of closing doors, but has yet to master opening them, leading to many times a day when she's trapped in a room. Chloe then knocks on the door saying, 'Out Please,' waiting for someone to open the door and free her.

13. Favorite playground equipment: the slide, which Chloe lovingly refers to as, 'Weeee!' She yells 'weee!' whenever she sees a slide.

14. Chloe is a climber, just like her brothers. I have to put Gabe's bunk bed ladder up in his bed every morning, otherwise she climbs right up into his bed.

15. Chloe wants nothing to do with having her picture taken. She usually refuses to look at the camera, leading to endless photos of her looking away.

16. I have not yet trained Chloe to be mom's little shopper. She'd rather run around the store than sit in the cart or stroller and help mom shop.

17. Chloe no longer sits in a high chair. She's moved on to the booster seat, or her favorite of just sitting on a chair or in a booth. She's a big girl!

18. Chloe is a cookie monster. She asks for a cookie multiple times a day, and isn't very happy when her request is not granted. Distraction is a savior in these circumstances.

19. Chloe is very friendly and outgoing, but sometimes pretends to be shy by looking down and batting her eyes. She's such a ham!

20. Chloe can count to ten, thanks to her Leapfrog Lily doll.

21. Chloe has recently started escaping her crib at night. We put her back every time, but it's not unusual to find her sleeping on her floor upon checking on her before Jason and I go to bed.

22. I think Chloe would be outside all day long if I let her. This girl loves the great outdoors!

23. Chloe cannot sleep without her pink blanket.

24. Chloe loves dogs and lovingly refers to our Saint Bernard as 'SamSam.' {His name is actually Samson.}

So there's 24 things about our little two year old. I really could go on and on...this girl's full of personality and is really a lot of fun!
I'm sure Chloe is going to be a great big sister, although I'm bracing myself for an adjustment period when she may be a little jealous. She definitely has a jealous streak when it comes to mom's affections.
Her brothers adore her.
Her parents couldn't imagine their lives without her.
Chloe is one big blessing sent from the Lord.

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Happy birthday to Chloe!