Sunday, May 3, 2009

Losing Jason

Many of you have heard stories of me and my tendency towards sleep walking and talking.
And believe me, there are plenty of stories. Just ask my husband, or my college roommate, or my parents.
Almost every night I talk in my sleep, and probably about once a week I get out of bed and end up somewhere else.
Jason has learned to adore it, I'm sure. Or, at the very least, tolerate it.
But this week the tables were turned. I woke up at about 2:30 a.m. and Jason was not sleeping next to me.
He was gone.

I found this strange, because in addition to being a sleepwalker and talker, I'm also a very light sleeper and wake up very easily. For Jason to have gotten out of bed and not have woken me up is very rare. So, I got up to look for him.
The only problem was, he wasn't anywhere to be found. I looked all over the house, even in our upstairs that is under renovation. He was nowhere.
I then ventured outside, which was a big deal because I'm such a scaredy cat and still afraid of the dark. I've never quite outgrown those childhood fears. But, I had to find my husband, so there I was in the pitch dark calling his name.
"Jason? Jason, where are you? Jason?"
But I got absolutely no response.
All of our vehicles were still in the driveway, so I knew he hadn't driven somewhere.
I hurried back inside and thought my husband must have vanished into thin air. Or he was kidnapped. And, since people don't just vanish, I figured someone must have kidnapped him. You know, I'm sure it's fairly easy to kidnap a 6 foot 245 pound man!
This left for only one course of 911 and report the kidnapping of my husband. Thoughts ran through my head like, "Wow, they're going to think I'm crazy, reporting my grown husband kidnapped in the middle of the night!"
And, "Wouldn't this make for an interesting made-for-tv movie." And if we did end up having our lives portrayed in a made-for-tv movie, we all know who'd play Jason if you remember this classic post from back in the day.
But after my mind was finished wandering {inability to concentrate is yet another casualty of my pregnancy,} I
again thought, 'what else am I to do but to contact the authorities?'
Before I made the call, I thought I'd better check the kids' rooms to make sure they hadn't been kidnapped too.
And as I went into the boys' room, there I found Jason, snuggled up in Cooper's bed. It was quite the sight. He was sleeping on the edge of Coop's bottom bunk, almost ready to fall out. Both boys were still sleeping soundly, make that
all three boys.
I woke up Jason and he was so confused, having no idea why he was in Coop's bed or how he had gotten there.
I cried, both tears of joy from finding Jason and tears of exhaustion from being so panicked for the good 15 minutes I thought my husband was gone for good!
Since that night, it's been a running joke as to whose bed Jason will venture into tonight. I may wake up some night soon and find him cuddled up in Chloe's crib. Or maybe outside in Samson's doghouse? That'd be a sight!
Gabe requested that Dad sleep in his bed tonight ;)
All I know is, now instead of me being the pun of all the jokes, Jason can be the punchline of some of the sleepwalker jokes too!


Valerie and Jeff said...

That is too funny! I've never lost Jeff in the night ... but I have found him napping with boys as that's the only way to get them to settle down lately. The funniest thing however was a few months ago when I discovered the 2 boys playing in their room during naptime and Jeff was cashed out sleeping! so much for a nap for them but at least he got some shut eye! (haha)

Unknown said...

Valerie ~
Isn't it funny how husbands can fall asleep while the kiddos just keep on playing. Jason does that too! Kinda wish I had that ability some days :)

Anonymous said...

This is toooo funny!!! I can just imagine how panicky you were feeling. Especially having to go outside alone without Jason around to save you. You totally should have taken a picture of him sleeping :)

Unknown said...

By the time I finally found him, I was so upset that taking a photo didn't even cross my mind. Would have been one to remember though! Oh well...maybe next time?!?