Saturday, July 26, 2008

All I See is Corn

We started detassling today as a fund-raiser to earn money for the youth's annual summer mission trip. (We leave for Nicaragua in a week, and I can't believe it's coming up that soon!) We've been detassling as a fund-raiser every year since our first mission trip to New York City back in 2001. That's 8 years of detassling! That's a lot of tassels pulled by our crew!
Call me crazy, but I actually kind of like to do it! I never detassled in high school because all I heard were the horror stories about how hard you have to work, how hot it is, how early you have to get up, etc. etc. etc. Actually, the part about getting up early is probably what scared me off the most. But now that I can call myself a detassling veteran, I can honestly say that it's really not that bad. At the least, it's good exercise!
So, if you're in for a good time, let me know. We're always eager to train newbies :)

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