Friday, July 11, 2008

Soudan Underground Mine

When Jason was a little boy, he had gone on the Soudan Underground Mine Tour in Minnesota and had remembered how much fun it was. So, since our resort on the lake was only about 40 minutes away, we thought we'd take Gabe & Cooper on the tour. Again, since they didn't recommend children under the age of two going on the tour, Chloe stayed back at the cabin. But believe me, she has enough fun of her own with "grandma" Rita and others who love to play with her.
Back to the tour; it takes you a half mile underground via a "cage" that the miners used to take everyday to their jobs underground. Once underground, you take a 3/4 mile train ride to the deepest part of the mine and then take a tour of the mine where the men used to work everyday. Everyone taking the tour is required to wear a hardhat, which the boys of course loved! Combined with the "cage" and train ride, the boys were thrilled and well entertained. Also on the tour were Grant & Amber, Nicholas and Jenny, and all had good reviews of the tour.
Below, Cooper & Gabe with the hard hats, ready to begin the tour.

Gabe & Cooper with Jenny riding on the train.

Jason & Cooper in the dark mine.

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