Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photo Shoot didn't take long to get some more photos with my new lens. I started with Chloe. She is so tired this morning, but I thought I'd try. I love it when a photo series captures some sort of story or progression. You can see as the photos go that Chloe begins to 'warm up' and gets pretty silly in the fourth photo.

As always, it didn't take long for Gabe to join in. Here's one where he's 'snuck' into the background. I love their expressions in this one:

Gabe was just in a silly mood...

Then Cooper finally noticed what was happening and thought he'd better join the action!

And I told Cooper to move closer to Gabe & Chloe...silly!

Three silly kids...

By this time, Gabe & Coop were ready to move on to playing outside, so I thought I'd try to get a few more photos of Chloe.

After seeing me take the above picture, she literally started running from me. I caught up to her and she just sat down and started crying. Real tears and everything! Ahhh, I guess she'd had enough. Doesn't she look disgusted with me, lol.

After this one, I set the camera down, held Chloe for a bit and then laid her in her bed for her morning nap. She breathed a sigh, probably of relief that the photo shoot was over, put her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes. I wonder if it's considered child abuse to bring your children to the point of tears when taking their picture?!? Poor Chloe!
Anyway, my next goal is to take some outdoor landscape shots to show the results of using the 12-24 wide angle lens vs. my 18-70 mm. But I do have actual work I am suppose to be doing! Stay tuned...

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