Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vote For US!

Do you want to see Chloe & I on your next package of White Cloud toliet paper? Then vote for us today!
Get your attention? So here's the story...A couple of months ago, Jason e-mailed me a link to this White Cloud photo contest. He was still at work, and I was wasting time on the computer, so I clicked on the link he sent, and the contest was for a special mother & baby moment captured in a photo. This happened right after Gabe had just taken these photos of Chloe and I, so I thought, 'Why not?' and entered the contest. I haven't really given it a second thought, until today!
I just found out that out of over 500 entries, we were chosen as a top 10 finalist. Basically, a panel of judges selects 10 finalists for each month, and then people vote for one of those 10 finalists. The entry with the most votes is then a finalist for the grand prize of being the official White Cloud mother & baby. The contest runs from May through December, with the grand prize winner being announced in January, so basically if we get the most votes, we'll then have a one in eight chance of being selected as the grand prize winner! (The grand prize winner is also selected by a panel of judges, not based on votes.)
Anyway, to help us win, visit the following link:
Then click on "Vote Today for your Favorite" and a page will come up where you can vote for us.
And who knows...maybe Chloe and I will end up on a package of toilet paper, which of course is everyone's dream come true!

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