Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rediscovering the Rocking Horse

I love it when a once 'has been' toy gets rediscovered. You know, when a toy the kids have played with relentlessly becomes old news and isn't used for months, and then suddenly becomes great fun again.
Recently in our household, that rediscovered toy is a rocking horse we originally bought as a Christmas gift for Gabe when he was 1 1/2 years old. I found the horse at Pier One while Christmas shopping. It was on sale, and I had to get it. Every little boy needs a rocking horse! Gabe truly loved that gift. He used to ride that horse all the time, and I'd often find him dressing the horse or putting sunglasses on the horse like in the below photo taken when Gabe was little.

He loved that horse, and I have many photos of Gabe riding it. (The above photo was taken when Gabe was 21 months old, shortly after he got the horse.)

The horse was played with for about a year, then was replaced by other newer gifts and sat there unused for awhile. When Cooper was about 18 months old, Gabe thought it would be fun to get out the horse and see if Cooper liked it. He did! I have many fond memories of the boys riding that horse together. Then, again, after awhile it became old news.

Now that Chloe is old enough, Gabe has started putting her up on that horse and again, the horse is in play. I took some photos of the kids playing on it this morning.
Below, Gabe helping Chloe ride the horse.

Cooper soon wanted in on the action!

I told the kids to get close together so that I could get them all in the photo. The following is what happened: Too funny!

We'll see how long the horse can last with 3 riders!

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