Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fruity Cheerios

My kids have a new love: Fruity Cheerios! Chloe carries the box around with her, and the boys are constantly asking if they can eat the 'colored cheerios,' as they call them.
Their favorite cereal has always been Kix, the cereal that claims the slogan, 'Kid Tested, Mother Approved." And it's true, it's a healthy cereal that my kids have always enjoyed. But every time we'd go to the store, Gabe would ask for the cereals that looked fun, like Captain Crunch, Cookie Crisp, and of course, Fruit Loops. I decided that I'd give Fruity Cheerios a try, because it looked like Fruit Loops but it's ingredients were healthier.
Well, the results are in: Fruity Cheerios is a winner!
(Who knew you could blog about cereal. Leave it to me to blog about anything and everything!)
Gabe just finishing a bowl. Look at that smile!

Cooper with his bowl full.

Chloe likes her fruity cheerios dry.

Here she stopped for a silly grin. See the cheerio hanging out of her mouth. She's too funny!

Ok, so are you thinking what I'm thinking? I should totally send these photos to the people at Cheerios and I'm sure the kids would be the subject of the next Fruity Cheerios advertising campaign!

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