Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I don't have a lot of time to write, which to some of you may bring phrases like 'thank goodness' to mind. But here's what really counts...some of the first photos from our vacation in Minnesota. Since we're first and foremost here to fish, thought I'd include those photos first! (If you're asking yourselves while looking at these photos, "Where's Chloe?", she is obviously a bit to young to fish at 13 months, so we left her back at the cabin with the other family vacationers who don't fish. With over 30-people on this family reunion vacation, there's always someone at the cabin! Don't worry, we didn't forget her at home:)
Below, Gabe on the boat and ready to fish.

Cooper with a beautiful sunset behind him.

The boys with the first catch, made with Cooper's "CARS"-themed fishing pole.

ME with my first catch.

Jason with his first catch, just an appetizer :)

Jason with a large mouth bass he caught today, the main course!

Our basket of fish...not too shabby I'd say!

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