Friday, July 4, 2008

Best Friends

I had the privilege of hanging out with my best bud Julie this past week. I met Julie after my family moved and I started a new high school. We've pretty much been friends ever since. I was roommates with Julie at college (she even survived my regular sleepwalking episodes including the night I attacked her because I thought she was a burglar, which is a whole other story in itself!) She was the maid of honor at my wedding, but most importantly, I always know that I can trust Julie with anything. She is such a wonderful woman of God, has such a great sense of humor, and I love her so much! The two of us have so many funny stories, inside jokes, and have to be the best 'Taboo' partners there is!
Julie now lives in Colorado, but every time she comes back to visit, we have things we HAVE to do. We have to go to a movie, this time it was 'Wanted,' which we saw on opening night. We have to get our nails done, which we happened to do during a tornado warning, but they just kept doing our nails throughout the entire warning. Quite funny, my life flashing before my eyes as we are having pedicures. But we decided that at least if we would have died, our nails would look good. Finally, we have to go shopping, which pretty much consists of me dragging Julie from store to store while she watches me try clothes on (seriously, between the two of us, I am definitely the shopper, but Julie is a good sport about it and we have a great time together.) Julie is my forever friend, and I am so happy whenever we get to spend time together!
Below, Julie & I on our shopping spree. Looks like we're modeling to very different styles of sunglasses!

Julie & I on the Fourth of July at my house.

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