Monday, July 21, 2008

The Games We Play

Lately, we've had a couple of reoccurring games around our house. Gabe has discovered that he is now big enough to give piggy back rides to Cooper, and Cooper has realized it's quite fun to get piggy back rides from Gabe. The result: constant piggy back rides. I don't know what Cooper is going to do when Gabe gets tired of hearing, 'I want a piggy back ride Gabe!' I know that day will soon come...the novelty will wear off. But for now, Gabe is enjoying being 'the bigger and stronger one,' as he puts it, and showing Cooper the fun of these rides.

Chloe's obsession is playing catch with balls. Now her obsession is not a new one. Ever since she first got her hands on one of the boy's snow globe bouncy balls, she has enjoyed just carrying it around with her. But now, since she's discovered that there's a game involved with these little round objects, her obsession has escalated! I think it was Gabe that first introduced to Chloe that you can roll the ball back and forth to each other, which she loved. Then, he showed her that you can throw the ball to each other, which she loved even more. So now, every few minutes I find Chloe bringing me a ball and expecting me to throw it so that she can fetch. I feel like she's morphing into a golden retriever instead of my lovable little toddler.
Even when I got out the camera to take some photos of her with her favorite toys, she still insisted on handing me the ball, as you can see below:

Balls also make for good chew see what I'm saying about the golden retriever in her?!? Not only does she like to fetch them, but she also loves to chew on them!

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