Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Three Models

I think that my kids get their photos taken more than the kids whose job it is to be models. Gabe especially is old enough and has had his photo taken so many times that he's trained to smile on cue. There have been several times where I've called Gabe's name and he mistakenly thinks I'm trying to get his attention to take a picture, and he'll turn to me, smile and say, 'cheese!' So is it trained, or brainwashed?!? Cooper is becoming quite the little model too, but I'm still working on Chloe!
I took the kids outside to take some photos after I finished some work this morning. It was a good overcast day when we started, then the sun came out before our photo shoot was concluded, so I did some black & white and some color. {Warning: Photo Overload Ahead!}
This first one made me laugh...not a great start to the photo shoot. Chloe is getting so adventurous outside that it was about impossible to keep her sitting for a photo. She wanted nothing to do with what we were doing, she just wanted to explore.

Since Chloe wasn't cooperating, I decided to get some shots of the boys. Aren't they cute!

It doesn't take long for those two to get silly.

I love this one...this is after they fell down. They're so goofy!

I got of couple of Gabe by himself. Every time I look at him, I can't believe how much he's grown up!

And my little Cooper...what a sweetie!

{Gabe & Chloe}

Then she wanted down...look at that upset face!

So, the boys took her for a little walk.

After that, she was ready to pose for a quick photo all by herself!

I happened to take this shot just as the dandelion caught her attention. Talk about luck!

I guess she thought it was funny! She was laughing and talking to it!

We finished the photo session with a little pat-a-cake.

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