Friday, July 18, 2008

Mall of America

I promise...this is the last post from our vacation! We spent the night in Minneapolis on the way home, which is a good half way point. And we got to visit the Mall of America, which is thrilling for me, not so much for Jason. But I do believe he had a good time with the boys playing with the legos while I was shopping :)
We stayed at a very nice Hilton close to the mall that Jason booked on Priceline, so we of course got a great deal! The boys got to swim, Chloe got to catch up on some sleep since she didn't sleep well over the week due to an ear infection, and we had a great time!
Below, Chloe, sitting on a chair in the hotel room. She was so tired and sat there holding her blanket and sucking her thumb, probably thinking, 'Why won't somebody put me to bed and let me sleep?'

The Lego sign at the Mall of America.

Jason, Gabe & Cooper (in the middle) stopping to look at the camera. They were having so much fun building Lego cars. (The skylights in the Lego area made for some tricky lighting for photos, hence all the shadows!)

Cooper showing his Lego car.

Gabe with his Lego car.

Gabe racing his Lego car.

The boys were quite interested in the Rainforest Cafe Frog. Here they are doing the 'pound.'

Awwww...hugging the mascot!

The line for the Rainforest Cafe was so long, so we decided to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ instead which was quite good! This was Chloe's first time drinking from a straw and she caught right on.

The boys eating their steak fries...yummmm!

To top things off, shopping!!! My favorite! And one of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor Loft, was having a big sale! You just can't beat a good day of shopping in my book :)

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