Thursday, June 4, 2009

Angie's 30!!! (written by Jason)

As I start out I want to let you know Angie has been quite ill the last three days or so. This last trimester is proving to be more challenging than the second, Angie has become dehydrated and has a bit of pneumonia that has kept her down... however she has gone to the doctor and has some meds, now she is on the road to recovery.
We must, however, pause to consider was it the pregnancy causing these problems or Angie's old age. See today Angie turns 30! And while I passed this milestone nearly a year ago Angie is just beginning to experience the sweet thirties. So, due to this remarkable event, I wanted to let her, and all you, know how special she is to me and the rest of the family.
At first I thought I could do a similar post to what Angie did for Chloe. Ya know a special 'Angie'ism' for every month she is old, and while that is quite possible to come up with 360 special attributes about Angie it seemed that such a post could be very lengthy. So I won't use any cute acronyms or write a song to the tune of BINGO (though I think I could swing it,) I will however share with you how blessed I am to have Angie for a wife.
If you regularly read the blog you know how caring Angie is, her heart is wonderfully huge and her concern for those in need is great. I remember our trip to Nicaragua a year ago and how Angie would love on those children and do what she could to minister to them though the language barrier was there. But, as cliche as it sounds, love is not restrained by language. This is but one example of Angie's caring for others.
I suppose it goes hand in hand with caring, but I must mention how great of a mother Angie is. Just these few days with her out of commission I am reminded I have no idea how to do all the daily things Angie does. For instance Gabe (6) was wearing Cooper's (3) shirt all day today, I didn't have a clue. And when it comes to Chloe's hair... Dad do it, not a chance! Again the examples go on and on.
Now to me, she is exactly what I need to keep me straitened out. I have more than a slight tendency to take on more than I should, Angie helps me to be balanced. I also need motivation at times, so Angie 'motivates' me to get things done (or else.)
When I think of all the things I do, I know I could not pull them off without Angie by my side. I thank God for her constantly. And that brings me to the final attribute I want to share with you, she is God's child. This is the most important attribute Angie or anyone could ever possess. It is because her life is hidden in Christ Jesus that she is able to do the things she does so well. It is her relationship with God that allows her to truly love me even when I'm being a complete bonehead. It is her understanding of what Christ has done for her that gives her the heart to care selflessly for others.
I am so blessed to have Angie for a wife and friend. I love you baby and I hope this is a great day for you as you make everyday great for the kids and I. Happy birthday... and feel free to edit for gramatical errors :-)


Anonymous said...

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your day is sick free and wonderful!

Secondly, welcome to the blog world Jason! :) It's so nice in today's world to hear a husband love on his wife. I couldn't agree with you more, Angie is a terrific mother and daughter of Christ. Your family is blessed to have her in your life. .

Happy 3oth! May your next 30 years be as richly blessed as your 1st 30!

juliemk said...

Happy Birthday Ang! I hope you are feeling better soon and have a great day! :-) You are amazing and very loved!

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Angie! I'm SO glad I checked your blog to jog my memory! I can't believe that I dropped the ball on wishing you a happy birthday when I saw you on Sunday ... then I didn't get your card off to you in the mail! ...

Jason has such wonderful words about you and they are so true.

We are blessed to have you as friends! And we hope you are feeling better! (Maybe it's just the adjustment to having 3 kids at home all day again ... I know it's taking some adjustment for me ... and I'm not pregnant!)

Wishing you a Happy Birthday! (You're so young!)

Unknown said...

Awwww! Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Love you all, and am so thankful for each of you!