Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

It's currently 91 degrees outside. The summer heat and humidity are surely upon us!
Translation: perfect day to be in the pool.
The boys have swim lessons every night this week. But the storm that blew through, and I mean blew as in 85 mph winds, caused last night's lessons to be canceled.
So to make up for the disappointment of canceled swim lessons, we went to town and got a small pool.
And although it's small, this little pool delivers quite a fun filled time! It even sprays water out of the frog's head, which the kids quickly picked up on and referred to as the frog's pee. Chloe was screaming and yelling, 'Ewwww mom! Pee!' Thanks for that boys!

Anyway, I took a few photos, big surprise :)

Notice the kids' eyes...all squinting. They all have blue eyes like mom and dad, meaning they all have very sensitive-to-the-sun eyes.
And boy is it bright out there today!


Emilie Wita said...

I love the new music. Falling Slowly is my favorite song ever, basically.

Unknown said...

Love that song too Emilie! Thanks for leaving a comment ;)

Tiffany said...

Great photos! And I agree hot weather=pool time. I am dying over here as I am sure you are too. Being pregnant in the summer is not my cup of tea. LOL!