Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gang Signs

They look innocent enough, don't they...

But is it possible that my two sweet little boys have joined a gang?

Seriously, lately I cannot take a photo of them without both boys flashing some sort of gang sign.

Really, what's the deal? Where do they learn this stuff? Honestly, Jason and I do not go around flashing gang symbols...not on a regular basis anyways.

But maybe it's not a gang sign after all. Maybe they're doing the Texas Longhorns hand signal, 'hook em' horns?'

Or, maybe the sign language sign for love?

I think we'll just go with that.


Anonymous said...

Oh Angie, You know darn well every single time I see you at church you flash me some kind of gang sign. :)

Seriously it impossible to get a picture of the girls not goofing off either. The other day I asked them to "strike a pose" and Kenna bent over and showed me her bum.

Gotta love the candid shots :)

Unknown said...

Now come on Shawna...our gang sign is suppose to be a secret. Shhhhh!

Suz said...

Ha! They are SO cute!!:)

Unknown said...

Suz!!!! I was just thinking about you! Miss you! Hope all is well with plans for the big day! It's getting soooo close!