Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Under Pressure

I think this post is accurately titled, 'Under Pressure,' for many reasons...

First of all, I am feeling so much physical pressure as this baby boy gets ready to make his way into the world. The doctor said his head is very low, which is not surprising. Sometimes it's hard just to get up and walk at all!

Jason is taking on a big project overhauling the youth center at church this summer. It's currently being gutted and he's of course enlisting my help with the design of the new youth space, including painting some murals before the youth start back on the regular schedule in September. The youth ministries makeover also includes changing the ministry 'brand identity,' including new logos, brochures, business cards, t-shirts, etc., all of which I also need to complete by the fall. Oh, and did I mention I also need to take photos of the youth to be enlarged into canvas prints that will also adorn the new youth center?!? Hmmm....not that I have anything else going on right now ;) It normally would be a fun project, but I have so many jobs to do, which leads me to the next task...

I have so many design jobs going on right now, including a church brochure that I've been putting off for months and feeling rather guilty about not having it done. Who wants to make a church wait, right? And all of the current projects have upcoming deadlines, as if the baby coming isn't deadline enough! I'm really starting to think that my inability to say 'no' is perhaps a curse! I just hate to turn down work and love what I do. But I do wish I had more time to do it right now. And heaven forbid I let someone down...the thought makes me cringe. Why did God have to make me a people-pleaser anyway?

On top of everything else, our goal is to get our basement drywall, the drywall that has endured extensive water damage, fixed in time to get the basement repainted and cleaned before baby arrives as well. I definitely don't need or want a drywall or painting project going on in the first days of having a new born at home when the basement is currently our only living space.

Under pressure for sure!

On a happier note, as the optimist in me would rather focus on anyway, we got all of our windows tonight which will start being installed tomorrow. One step closer to getting the outside of our Extreme Home Makeover completed! Next will come the siding and stone!

So, things have been busy and a bit stressful, but I am hanging in there and trying not to let my hormones get the best of me. Believe me, when things like what's seen in the photo below are happening in the midst of trying to work on the design projects that are overflowing my desk already, it would be easy to begin to feel a little overwhelmed.

This activity was accompanied by slamming doors and uncontrollable laughter & screaming, the noise of which is not accurately expressed through the photo. Makes it a little hard to concentrate when you're trying to get some work done on the old computer *smile*

Your prayers that I would maintain patience and sanity would be great appreciated, really!
I pray that all of you are having a great summer and finding some time everyday to enjoy a little of God's beauty that surrounds us this summer season. After all, I know that's all the timeout I need to get re focused for...what else...more work!


Anonymous said...

Oh Angie! You poor thing! I should think that you are a bit stressed out right now. What a load you have. If there is ANYTHING you need help with let me know. Seriously. Even if it's just coming and sitting with the kids while they swim. Don't hesitate to ask!
Hang in there. You are just about there!! (at least until the baby gets here)

Unknown said...

Oh, Shawna...thanks! Lucky for me I handle pressure pretty well, so I'm hanging in there :) It wouldn't be our life if we didn't have a thousand things going on at once, right?!? At least we're never bored, lol.

Miss seeing you! I haven't seen you since you got back from Canada!

Emilie Wita said...

I'm very excited for t-shirts :] Thanks so much!!

Unknown said...

I hope I can have the t-shirts ready by fall, but regardless, they are in the works!